How To Protect Your Eyes in an Overstimulated World

How to care for and protect the organ that is often most exposed and overworked.
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It's no secret we live in an over-connected world. From computers to phones to tablets to televisions, the amount of "screen time" in our lives has increased to a whopping 11 hours per day (the more screens you have the more time you spend, because apparently "technology begets technology"). 

At Clementine we talk a lot about self care, time away from devices to clear our minds and restore our souls. But, one thing we have not talked about is the toll those devices can take on our physical bodies. Today we are outlining a few tips for caring for those overstimulated windows to said soul, our eyes. 

Give em a break! 
Taking frequent (read once an hour) breaks to help reduce eye strain is essential. Think of it as an opportunity: use this time to stretch your legs, get a breath of fresh air or simply refuel with another cup of tea. Minibreaks have also been known to be big brain-boosters, allowing all systems to reboot can help you approach the task at hand with a fresh perspective and renewed energy. 

Modern Eyewear
Speaking of prevention, did you know there are lenses available that actually help your eyes relax? Eyezen lenses filter at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light* rays (the rays that contribute to certain eye conditions and create strain on your vision) and help your eyes defend against digital eye strain from long term use of those devices. The good news is Eyezen is not restricted to only those who sport specs, 20/20 vision or lifelong wearers can use these lenses. Added bonus: they are made to work with any frames! 

Stay Current On Exams
When was the last time you had an eye exam? That long? Staying current with your eye exam will help you know if your sight is deteriorating as well as determining the health of your eyes and even recognizing signs of diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The “readers” your Mom has for her crossword puzzles or her latest book are typically required due to a normal change that takes place in the eye. The current demands on our visual system have increased dramatically and can lead to similar symptoms much earlier in life - the good news is that these symptoms can often be reduced or eliminated with the use of appropriate lenses.

Connect In Real Time
All of these measures do circle back to one common goal: quality time. If you are spending less time struggling in front of screens, you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you enjoy most, in real time. Taking appropriate measures to care for your eyes now has holistic benefits for years to come. 

*Eyezen+ lenses block at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light, which is the high energy waves found between 415-455nm (blue-violet light).

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