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A few of our favorite links from around the web this week.
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Image by Zach Wahls via The Huffington Post 

Image by Zach Wahls via The Huffington Post 

This week we've been savoring  summer and relishing in the lazy days—for only a bit longer! So, as always, here's a bit to relax with and read as we head into the weekend. Enjoy!

“I have never said to myself, ‘I’ll be a good human when I have my shit together. What shit? I don’t think it’s about having your life under control; it is about being happy with your shit not being together.’”

What are your thoughts on social media and the shifting landscape?

We love watching the Olympics, and following Syrian refugee swimmer Yusra Mardini’s story has been beyond inspiring—such a brave woman.

Now we can all play “the woman card” with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Betty White and more incredible women.

“We need to keep changing the attitude that values being confident, competitive, and ambitious in the workplace—unless you’re a woman. Then you’re being too bossy, and suddenly the very qualities you thought were necessary for success end up holding you back.” President Obama on what a feminist looks like.

9 bits of design advice from our favorite “Fixer Upper”, Joanna Gaines.

How fun is this DIY? A new way to wear vintage scarves!

And, on our bucket list for the dwindling weekends of summer left.

p.s. We're making time for this in the near future.