8 Graphic Tees We Love

A look at some of our favorite graphic tees for fall!
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Image Credit: Cami Farcas for Her New Tribe

Image Credit: Cami Farcas for Her New Tribe

It will likely come as no surprise that on most days you can find us in a comfortable pair of jeans and a classic tee. Both items are essential to our wardrobes regardless of the season, and the latter could not be more perfect for layering. 

This year we are particularly fond of the many graphic versions on the market. From inspirational to empowering to cheeky to cause conscious, here's a peek at the 8 options currently topping our fall shopping list (no pun intended!). 


To Buy: Madewell 'Faces' Tee ($35)


To Buy: Tatas Tee ($30)

save teh elepants.jpeg

To Buy: Save More Elephants T-Shirt ($40)


To Buy: the "Preach" tee ($68)


To Buy: The Future Is Female ($30)

Image Credit: Garmentory

Image Credit: Garmentory

To Buy: Older Brother Sorona Tee  ($95) Also in Blue


To Buy: Airplanes With Hearts ($58)


To Buy: Every Mother Counts Tee ($99)

p.s. Pair with your favorite pair of vintage Levi's to complete the look!