How To Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary

Home & Living Editor, Sarah-Lou Francis, is sharing her vision for a bathroom that is as restorative as it is functional.
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With summer in full swing, finding any time to escape and get some grown up peace as a solo mama can be tough; especially while also in the middle of various room makeover challenges and house chaos simultaneously. 

One of the rooms within a breath of being complete is my bathroom. My goal is for it to go from being a functional yet somewhat loathed space to an oasis where I can relax and indulge myself (a bit). With a few simple updates and some elbow grease, I cannot wait for the final transformation. Here's a peek of my original inspiration...

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In design terms, if I had more space, creating my idea of a bathroom sanctuary would involve huge windows for plenty of natural light, lots of natural finishes for warmth and texture, floating whiteware, a huge walk-in shower, and a free standing bath for a feeling of luxury and calm. I'd also love to include more environmentally aware gadgets, mood lighting and a built in sound system!

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In the meantime, these rooms by Geberit are perfect inspiration; especially given their products make the best use of space (for those of us with smaller abodes). So while you may not have the square footage, you can certainly make use of what you do have with their sleek and minimal bath ideas and products.  


The biggest obstacle in my bathroom was the bath. It was far too big and although freestanding, it felt cumbersome and overwhelming.  I'm replacing it with a smaller clawfoot tub, and updating the flooring with natural wood and painted tiles. It's surprising how a few changes can make a significant difference. For example, I was lucky to already have floating whiteware for the sink and toilet. With hidden fixtures (like those by Geberit) my space felt instantly cleaner...and larger!

Whether you choose to update one bit at a time or go big for a complete overhaul, there are a few finishing touches that will help create that sanctuary feel. Here are my top five recommendations:

Keep it Fresh - Declutter by getting rid of anything you don't use and keep surfaces clear. Opting for efficient and seemingly hidden fixtures gives the illusion of an open and airy space.

Bring in Nature - Plants or fresh flowers add to a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Use Texture - Big fluffy towels add a feeling of luxury, or try hammam towels for a more simplistic feel.

Get Sensory - Music, scents and lighting all help create a mood. Try scented candles to relax and restore, and a wireless speaker is a great way to play whatever music suits your mood.

Treat Yourself - Have some special products on hand that make you feel good. I love Magic Organic Apothecary products - they smell uplifting and feel divine!


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