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A few of our favorite links from around the web this week.
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Image Credit: Lindsey Byrnes via Huffington Post

Image Credit: Lindsey Byrnes via Huffington Post

More light and bright on the agenda for us this weekend, but also using our quiet time to remember those who have faced unbelievable hardship recently. As always, here are just a few uplifting and inspiring thoughts that have been on our minds this week.

"Sometimes you just have to stand up for what’s right. I’m proud of what I did.” 

7 surprising health tips from Blake Lively’s trainer. (Doable, we promise!)

A family therapist shares her insights on what makes a remarkable parent.

Town & Country’s executive travel editor discusses why she is more committed than ever to travel the world. “To refuse or reject the adventure of travel, I feel, is to succumb to the tyranny of provincialism, to be complicit in the closing of one's mind.”

On just starting out in the working world: 6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working

Realistic tips on how to keep your cool during a home renovation.

How to turn your anxiety into success (using a little trick is called “anxiety reappraisal”).

Why the homestead movement is relevant to the modern woman.

p.s. Did you meet this inspiring mama?