Welcome Home: SarahLou's Lounge (and a exciting announcement!)

Today we take a peek into the lounge of Clementine's new Home & Living Editor, SarahLou Francis of LapinBlu.
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Photography: SarahLou Francis

Photography: SarahLou Francis

We discovered SarahLou Francis through the rabbit hole of Instagram. Upon introduction to her feed, we were immediately transfixed by her gorgeous, moody photography and stunning aesthetic. Her website LapinBlu is a "UK lifestyle blog for wild hearts, curious minds & everyday living, featuring edits & stories around the broader topics of creativity, home, food, family, travel, & lifestyle." 

Recently when the Home & Living Editor role was vacated by our dear Robin Reetz, who relocated back to NYC to pursue the full-time role of her dreams, we reached out to SarahLou to see if she would be interested in taking on the post. Much to our excitement, she agreed and will now be joining us monthly to share her inspiration and philosophies on design and living. We could not be more thrilled to have her in this space (no pun intended)! 

To kick-off her her new role, SarahLou offered to share a favorite room in her home with us. Without further ado, please join us in welcoming SarahLou to Clementine; we know you will love her and her home as much as we do! 

Your "lounge" is absolutely lovely. It exudes style, warmth, creativity and lots and lots of good energy. What recent updates did you make to the space? Who shares this home with you?

Thank you so much! It's me, my daughter, Boo, and our cat, Tabitha that share this space.

I'm not one for tightly following very specific trends, I just like what I like, and hope that comes together in a way that reflects us & feels good to be in. The words you have used are exactly the reflections I would hope to achieve in doing so.

This room has always been one of my favourite spaces because of the light. I've recently updated the sofa from two separate ones - a vintage Ercol daybed (which I adore!) and an overbearing sofa that was too big & out of style for the space. I found this Ikea L-sofa on Ebay after much searching, and couldn't be happier with it. It fits the space perfectly & is just the best for cuddles & movies!

I finally found a rug of a good substantial size & at a reasonable price from LaRedoute, which has really pulled the room together and added some texture - having a rug that was really too small previously had been a bug bear for two years, so it feels good to have that sorted at last! (Small problems!)

I also moved my desk into the room, which has been so beneficial as I now get a view across the fields & lovely light, plus I can listen to music whilst I work. It's a lovely calm environment to work in. The workspace feels separated from the relaxing space by the sofa shape, but it means we can both hang out together at the same time if needs be.

Other than that, it's really just been new artwork, and lots of candles I've added! I adore scented candles for a feeling of warmth & comfort.


Did you keep your daughter in mind when you were designing this room?

Honestly, not specifically. She has her bedroom (which I've just redecorated) and a playroom which are great for her having space to create and play, and on which I can shut the door to mess! However, I did want to make sure that there's plenty of opportunity to share the space & relax together.


How would you describe your personal aesthetic?

Maybe a little fresh Scandi - light & bright with a muted colour palette. I'm particularly drawn to blush, mustard, and navy tones, and I like to combine old & new, especially if it has a mid-century vibe to it.


What are your favourite places to discover design inspiration online?

Oh, Pinterest for sure! I find it really helpful to just pin a variety of images I'm drawn to and then look for recurring themes.

This way, I can work out what it is about a look or style that makes me react & feel something. I find this a clarifying way to think about how I can bring that feeling into my own space in a way that works for me, rather than attempting to lift someone else's look and what works for them and wonder why it feels so wrong!


Can you tell us a few things that you are excited to cover in the coming months on Clementine?

I'm very excited to bring a peek into the favourite spaces of creative folks from the UK community. I think real homes and spaces have something so magical to them and hold so much inspiration.

I'm also looking forward to sharing DIY's, favourite product roundups, styling tips and thoughts on living well and seasonally within your home. More importantly, I'd love to hear from the Clementine community as to what you'd like to see...what are your challenges & what would you like to see more of?


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