Everyday Icon: Guest Editor (and original Clementine Beauty Editor), Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets

We are thrilled to have original Clementine Beauty Editor (and founder of Beauty Bets) Elizabeth Dehn, sitting in as Guest Editor for the month of June!
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Image Credit: Melissa Oholendt

Image Credit: Melissa Oholendt

If you are not already familiar with Elizabeth Dehn from her incredible personal site, Beauty Bets, you may recall the days she spent as Clementine Daily's original Beauty Editor. This month she has agreed to sit in and yes, share her infinite beauty wisdom, but to also give us a glimpse of all that inspires, centers and motivates her daily. 

We asked Elizabeth to revisit her first Icon interview to update her answers (as we all know, a lot can happen in 2 years) and to also respond to a few new burning questions - check out her thoughts and insights below! 

How do you celebrate the everyday in your own life?

It’s always the simple things in life that bring me the most joy: reading the NYTs weekend edition in bed with my boyfriend, a walk with my dog, dinner with friends. But it’s also easy for me to get swept up in the pressures of being a blogger (or a human!)—like having a perfectly styled coffee table or keeping up with the latest social media craze (help. me.). Anxiety clouds my ability to stay present but mediation, a few deep breaths, being in nature . . . these daily practices put me back on the path to gratitude. And sanity!

Do you have a go-to, no-fail beauty trick that you are willing to share?

Dry shampoo applied at the roots AT NIGHT so it can soak up any oil and dirt while you sleep. Wake up with almost-clean hair!

Your smoothie recipe is still our all-time favorite! We all know our diet has a big impact on our body and our natural appearance, but how big is that impact? What are some easy changes we can implement to see the greatest benefit?

A simple but profound lesson I’ve learned this year: eat breakfast. I know, I know! You’ve heard it a million times. But after keeping a crazy schedule for the last year, I realized I was suffering from skipping this important meal. My metabolism changed. My digestion slowed. I gained 10 pounds. If you don’t eat breakfast, you pay all day. By eating a more substantial breakfast—and lunch—I am more energized and less likely to binge on carbs or a massive dinner.

DISCLAIMER: I have given up whiskey AND most cheese since my last interview! They’ve been replaced by red wine and avocados, which my body loves. I still, however, cannot be in the same room as Thai food . . .

We know you are firmly connected to your intuition, and rely on it heavily when making major life decisions. How did you develop this skill? How can we all learn to trust and accept the messages or signs we receive?

Trial and error. I don’t believe in regret, but I’ve learned lessons big and small from NOT trusting my intuition. Everything from yes to a project I really didn’t want to do, to getting involved with people who weren’t healthy for me. I knew better, and now I know better. I continue to trust myself more as a result. Try it! One way is to keep a journal of your own choices. Notice how you feel and the outcome when you trust your intuition versus ignored it.

When we don’t trust ourselves—and intuition is our highest self speaking to us—we can’t fully live the life we are meant to live. It’s scary as hell, to follow your inner compass instead of the one that society or friends or family have created out of their own fears, but the longer you put off being true to yourself, the longer and more painful the journey to inner peace.

Are there any other people or resources that aide in guiding your path?

I have always been drawn to mystics and intuitive healers for guidance. Initially, getting a glimpse at my future was a way to feel more in control and less anxious. Of course, we are never completely in control. Through psychic and shamanic counseling, what I’ve really learned is that when I trust my instincts and go with the flow of life, everything falls into place. We already have the answers, we just need to listen to that inner voice and allow the universe to support us on our journey.

After reviewing your previous answers to these questions; what would you say has been the biggest shift in your life in the past two years?

I’m more focused on being, rather than doing. About a year ago I realized that work had become my life. Worse, all of my self-worth was tied to work. Who was I without it? What else did I care about? And what was it all for? I still work a lot, but I’m making a concerted effort to give myself time to just be. That is very, very new to me. In the past, if something weren’t “productive” I didn’t value it. I felt anxious that I was losing traction or wasting time when I could be working. Part of that is the plight of any entrepreneur, but it’s also how I’ve always been. Falling in love and being a relationship that takes priority over work has changed me. I’m finally starting to see value in who I am, not what I do. And who I am is someone who wants to spend time with those I care about while discovering what else makes my heart sing. It’s been a profoundly spiritual adventure.

What are you looking forward to right now?

I’m headed to Bald Head Island for a week with my family and counting the seconds! It’s the most magical place: no cars, white sand beaches, beautiful houses. All we do is eat, sleep, read and sun ourselves. Having my favorite people under one roof with days sprawled out ahead of us is heavenly.

I also just moved in with the love of my life/spirit animal and I’m so excited to make our house a home. Cooking is a creative and therapeutic outlet for us both so I’m looking forward to many deliciously quiet nights in as well as epic dinner parties!  

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