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A few of our favorite links from around the web this week.
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We felt it last weekend and we are thrilled: summer is here! Here's to barbecues and popsicles and late-night firefly catching fun. We can't wait! But first, here's a bit of wisdom and inspiration from around the web.

The white wall controversy: how the all-white aesthetic has affected design.

Marilyn Monroe through the years (it would have been her 90th birthday).

Have you heard of “ladyviewing”? It’s when people (including women) interview a woman in business—but all they want to ask her about is being a woman, instead of about being in business.

Kristen Bell on why she’s “over staying silent about depression.”

How to effectively ask for, respond to and get the most out of constructive criticism.

How to be divorced: a stepdaughter’s wish list. “Parenting is not a competitive sport. If you need to win, we will all pay an inestimable price.”

On parenting and saying yes and no. “We are just kids who grew up and had babies ourselves. What in the blazes do we know? Parenting is less ‘Stratego’ and more ‘Chance’ than we imagined.”

The stark difference between millennial men and their dads. 

p.s. Are you wondering whether to buy or rent? Helpful advice here