5 Modern Spiritual Gurus

This month's Guest Beauty Editor, Elizabeth Dehn, introduces us to five soulful women who can help keep us grounded via astrology, meditation and more.
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Image Credit: Julia Gartland

The busier we get, the more we need moments of peace and quiet. The further we strive towards ambitious goals and big dreams, the more we crave soulful wisdom to keep our intuition in check. That's why we're excited today to hear from our Guest Beauty Editor, Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets, as she shares the five women whose digital resources bring deep insight and solace, even during the most hectic and confusing times. 

As an editor and blogger, I consume media so voraciously, it’s practically a sport. But the content can sometimes be depressing (See: this week's heartbreaking headlines), anxiety-inducing (Do I really need to be on Snapchat?), or just plain negative (I still love you, Bravo!). I have to balance the noise with more grounding resources. These five digital spirit gurus keep me feeling a little more sane and a lot more like myself, wherever I go. I hope they'll help you feel calm and collected, too. 

1. Tara Brach 

I start the day with meditation, usually right in bed, using Tara’s zen podcasts. She has a compassionate, practical way of bringing me back to my breath and my body when my mind wants to wander.

2. Nadiyah Shah

Once you start paying attention to the planets and moon cycles, you’ll become a believer in how much they influence our world. It only makes sense that we are all connected! Nadiyah’s weekly and monthly horoscopes are specific, smart, and educational. I want to hang out with her!

3. Kelley Rosano

Another highly intuitive astrologer, Kelley has insatiable energy and a positive outlook on life. She makes me want to believe that anything is possible, and that’s how I want to live. I highly recommend her e-newsletter, which is like a life coach in your inbox!

4. Erin Telford 

It’s a good thing I don't live in NYC, or I’d embarrass myself by being an Erin Telford groupie. Erin is a modern-day healer with a heart of gold and the wisdom of a very old soul, and her blog post on giving yourself permission to stop doing/working/trying is bookmarked on my Macbook for all time.

5. Rory Lula McMahan

One of my most treasured Instagram finds, Rory’s feed of daily tarot card draws is so richly articulated and eerily spot-on that I feel like she is writing them just for me! Having experienced a Skype reading with Rory, I can tell you that her magical powers run deep and are available to us all.

p.s. Now that you know what's in Elizabeth's spiritual toolkit, be sure to read up on her bedtime routine.