How To Restore Your Natural Glow With Science Based Skincare

Trade your concealer and BB Cream for an enhanced skincare regime that will leave you looking fresh and glowing (sans makeup)!
Photography: Stephanie Duncan 

Photography: Stephanie Duncan 

In an effort to embrace the new skincare-as-makeup trend we’ve taken our favorite products for a spin to test the results. While a bare face certainly feels amazing, dumping the foundation and braving the day makeup-free requires preparation (and courage).
Glowy skin may be easily accomplished when armed with a good highlighter and bronzer, but how can we take a more natural approach? How can we get skin that is actually glowing rather than painting it on and pretending?


Let’s be honest, skin care can be tricky. Dryness in some areas, oiliness in others, breakouts in the same spots again and again, and tired eyes...always. Most products address one problem, while promising (and failing) to solve them all. It’s no surprise that multiple methods are actually required. The key is understanding which ingredients target what, and how to layer and combine them. 

 Sound like a science experiment? Well it is, and that’s why even though we certainly want gentle and natural ingredients, it’s just as important for us to have science based skincare that has been appropriately researched and tested. After a month of following a consistent and disciplined routine using our favorite line of science-backed, vegan, paraben and cruelty free products we are sharing the results!

The goal: hydrated, plump, dewy skin and that ‘rested’ look we miss from younger years.

The plan: consistency, patience, and an arsenal of good products.


The Details:

Diligent use of an Alpha Beta Peel leaves you with the most amazing fresh-face feeling. Without question it beats the red face/irritated skin you get after an aggressive scrub, plus the acids are far more effective in fighting dry skin. I followed these tips and was able to easily figure out the best formula and approach for my skin.  

 Next up is the Firming Peptide Milk, a lightweight moisturizer that we are officially obsessed with. For daytime we follow with Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion (a deeply hydrating yet still oil-free formula) and then a dab of the Hydra-Pure Firming Eye Cream on both lower and upper lids. At nighttime the routine includes the Triple Correction Eye Serum and Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum. Both contain the powerful combo of Ferulic and Retinol that aids in the natural repair process, doing the hard work while your rest.

While a multi step routine does take longer, the beauty benefits significantly outweigh time commitment. Daily peels kept skin clear of blemishes and free of flaky skin. Targeted serums worn overnight actually even out tone and reverse sun damage, while the moisturizers offer serious hydration without leaving a heavy or greasy residue behind. With consistent use, skin quickly appeared both brighter and firmer (both softer and smoother to the touch). Success!


By the end of week three we were ignoring gritty scrubs and throwing away heavy BB creams. The morning routine takes less time than the makeup application did, and full disclosure - a fresh face feels even better than we expected!

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