How To Create A Space Where Children Will Thrive

Every child's bedroom should be a place to grow, dream, create and explore -- here's how to make space for sons' and daughters' self-development.
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We all want to dwell where we feel most alive – and so do our kids. Over the years and through a few incarnations, we’ve collaborated with our children when designing (or revising) their rooms. Our approach remains simple: they choose the colors, décor staples and a flight of whimsical details. After all, this is a space they will vividly carry with them always. Our role? Tie all that love together with a few stitches of shui so ideas grow and dreams flourish. 

If you’re in the spirit, here are a few considerations for your little one’s stomping grounds:


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Prep (for) school. We all want an inside advantage for our littles’ scholarly success, right? Round out their bedrooms with a globe to encourage curiosity. Cosmic charts of the moon and stars give your supernova the sense of endless horizon. And any world map helps ground boundless energy.

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Channel Goldilocks. If your little babe has a desk, make sure it’s “just right.” If a work area is too big, she might not feel up to the task in front of her. If a desk is too small, it can leave him feeling stymied. Desks are a potent creative space, a place where kids can both seize the day and playfully unwind.


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Talk about clutter. When we have conversations regularly about our stuff, we teach our children to not rely on their things for confidence. A good rule of thumb: everything has its own place, even homework. So, strike a balance between their creative expressions with a few house rules for structure. When we make order a priority now, it provides increased ease later.


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Boost self-esteem. Mirrors represent how we “see” ourselves. So, if she has a mirror in the bedroom, hang it at eye level. When a mirror is too high, it subtly suggests she won’t measure up. And if a full-length mirror hangs on the door, go for the widest option available. If he doesn’t “fit” into a mirror, it can distort his self-image.


Image Credit: Adie Gately

Let love rule. What does your star see from her bed every day? Visions of love are reassuring, so photos of parents and grandparents in her room are a very good thing. They're a beautiful reminder of your child’s place in a happy family. And all those objects of affection he collects – artwork, stuffed animals and the curated daily artifacts – are punctuations of self-expression and comfort.

Whether for sleep or play, a room is a first declaration of self-definition. It is wide open space for children to express who they are. More importantly, this space is a reflection of who they dream of becoming. And when they spend time in surroundings they truly love, it inspires full-strength use of their imaginations and personalities – a fetching force for good energy indeed. 

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