Everyday Icon: The Medium, Kristine Fredheim

Meet medium and spiritual guide, Kristine Fredheim. She is using her gifts to help people find wholeness and tap into their own intuition in an effort to live their best lives.
Image Credit: Kristine Fredheim

Image Credit: Kristine Fredheim

We are seekers of knowledge at Clementine. Knowledge about the world, knowledge about health, and of course knowledge about ourselves and our journeys. When we met Kristine Fredheim, spiritual advisor, medium and author (+ mother of two boys), we were eager to hear the insights she could share with us about life beyond what we see in the everyday. 

After experiencing a tragic-life changing event, Kristine decided to hone her gift and received a Master’s Degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She has since embarked on her own personal journey to help others "achieve lasting inner peace" through her work as a spiritual communicator and guide. We sat down with Kristine to hear about her process, how she reacts to naysayers and skeptics and to learn a few methods for tapping into our own intuition. Read on for more! 

You have many intuitive gifts. How did you discover this about yourself, and how did you decide to pursue using these gifts as a career?

I discovered I was a medium when I was very young because my parents had to talk to me about it since they knew I was special. Thats when I realized that I was not like everyone else. But my dad would explain it to me by saying I was sensitive.

I would sense things about people. As long as I can remember I have seen and sensed souls that had passed on. As I grew older I never found anything specific that I wanted to do. After loosing so many loved ones in my earlier life including my parents, I decided I wanted to help others. That’s where my mediumship came in, as well as my coaching. Writing on the side also helps me help others. 

Can you tell us exactly what being a "medium" means?

Medium means that you can connect with souls that have passed on. I’m a psychic medium that means I can see past, present, future (also past lives) and loved ones that have passed. 

How do you receive messages? And, how did you learn to trust these messages and quell the doubts that it could be voices or in your own head or information coming from your own intuitive resources?

The messages I get are through my guide, who is my father. He will send me information through pictures, feelings or by talking to me, which is what happens most often. I know to trust it because of the strong sensation that comes with the message.

If I imagine things, or am only thinking it to myself, I wont feel it in my body. But when my guides talk to me, I feel their presence very strongly and I identify their energy and their voice.

How do you respond to the naysayers, the people who don't believe we can communicate with those who have passed on or who do think people have psychic abilities? 

My response to them is that it’s totally ok not to believe in anything, if that works for you. I’m not here to force anyone to believe in me. Though I do love skeptics the most because they challenge me with questions, and I think that is great!

Before I would have people say negative things about me as a person because of my gift, but not anymore. I think that is because I have worked a lot on my self worth, so I no longer attract that kind of hate.

Also the really funny part about non-believers is that it does not take much for them to open up to the possibilities. If I say a few very specific things, they get shivers, a little freaked out even, and a strong sensation that this is real. At least in my experience! I think they don't believe because they don't want to believe. Meaning they know nothing about it, and they don't care to educate themselves. They have just decided that it’s not possible...until I come along! 

Can you tell us of a breakthrough you have had either for yourself or with a client?

I have had breakthroughs with clients where they did not know where and how to go on with life, some were suicidal and scared. By informing them of their life karma and sharing the support they are receiving from passed loved ones, they are able to regain strength to see their life from another angle. That alone can be life altering.

I once spoke with a young woman who had lost her soulmate and he came through, talking through me to tell her this was part of a bigger plan, but that he was with her everyday. They got to connect through me and it was a very healing experience for my client. These instances make me super thankful for my gift, and to be able to help people in this way!

Have there been times when you wished that you were able to turn off the communication?

In medium school we learned how to “turn it of” by closing “the channel.” But you can never really close it because I will always be able to read energies. So my father will stop talking to me when I’m closed up, but I will still be able to sense the energies of the people around me, dead or alive. 

Personally, I haven't really had a time where I wanted to not be connected. I truly love this gift and am very grateful for it. But I keep away from certain situations, crowded places where people are drinking, like night clubs for example. That can be very intense, too many people and too much energy. 

What are three ways we can all learn to engage and trust our intuition?

 - Center yourself! Just listen to your own breath, that takes you to the present moment and quiets the mind. With a quiet mind it’s easier to listen to your intuition.

- Ground yourself! Imagine roots from your feet growing down to mother earth. This also helps you to stay open and get stronger/clearer messages.

- Walking in the woods, nature itself helps to open up as well. Doing these things will make it easier to follow and listen to your intuition because it will get stronger and you wont question it because you will just “know.” 

Do you have any personal mottos or mantras?

Right now I’m working on self worth and really building a strong foundation with myself, my current mantra for everyday: I am more then enough!  

Is there anyone who is deceased that you would like to speak with (but haven't yet)? If so,who would it be and what would you ask them? 

I would love to talk with my great grandfather. He was a very special soul that I haven't been able to connect with. He was known for being very quiet, but when he spoke it always had a great depth that would touch you.

He was incredibly hardworking and religious. My grandfather and others that knew him described him as flawless, with a certain greatness about him. My grandfather was heartbroken to the extent of loosing purpose to live when he died. So he was/is a great soul, and I would do anything to be able to have an actual one-on-one conversation with him. But I’m very thankful because I have his smile!

If I would ask him anything, it would be if he is proud of me? 

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