A Bathroom Remodel with a Modern Twist

Clementine Executive Editor, Amanda Carter Gomes, discusses all the inspiration and details involved in creating the bathroom of her dreams.
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Remodeling a space is no easy task. Sometimes remodeling with two distinct priorities and design perspectives can make a labor intensive situation even more, well, laborious. Clementine Executive Editor, Amanda Carter Gomes, walks us through the process she and her husband used when dreaming up their future bathroom remodel. 

While personally not proficient in the language of DIY in the crafting capacity, when it comes to home improvements or updates in our own space, we have always attempted everything on our own. My husband is particularly savvy in this department, and he is also particularly particular about design. So, when it came to brainstorming ideas for a bathroom remodel, combining our preferences and tastes was no easy task.

We each have our own set of non-negotiables: me – design and aesthetics; him – functional, space-saving additions that are environmentally sound.

Our list and inspiration photo in hand, we set out to find options that met all (or at least most) of our criteria. After rounding up a list of "must haves" we created a mood board to help us prioritize our options. 


1. Modern and timeless design, because no one wants to do this again in 10 years. We decided on a light-filled, white bathroom with simple, clean, kid-friendly fixtures. 

2. Energy and water saving fixtures that don't sacrifice design, because the two no longer have to be mutually exclusive. We recently discovered Geberit. A line of in-wall systems for sleek, space-saving wall-hung toilets, lavatories and bathtubs that are as green as they are gorgeous. The toilet is actually saving us so much space that I am pondering also getting a urinal. Something I never in my life considered until I had two boys of my own...it may be the element I am most excited about updating. 

3. Accents and accessories! To balance out the modern design, we are using earthy and bohemian elements to warm up the space. I have long wanted plants in my bathroom, and while not the most practical of decisions with babes around, I figure it's worth a shot. Plus! We more than made up for the practical decisions when we chose Geberit for all our necessary bathroom elements. A few ferns, new turkish hand towels and some spa-like soaps and lotions and I will practically have my own in-home sanctuary. 

Now we are off to tackle demo and create the bathroom of our dreams. Wish us luck! 

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