5 At Home Remedies To Prep Your Feet For Summer

Are your feet ready for the summer? Check out these 5 options for smoothing, softening and hydrating from home!
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Image Credit: Beauty Bets

Image Credit: Beauty Bets

Sandal season is upon us. We love the simple ease of sliding on our Birks and walking about town for hours and wearing sandals, slides and flip-flops nearly every occasion. With summer right around the corner, there is no time like the present to prep our feet and nuture our soles for summer adventures with a few at-home remedies.

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Two words: Baby Foot. Maybe save this one for a week when you know you’ll be able to wear sneakers or boots. This process is intense and will have your callused heels molting. It’s an entirely gratifying process that will restore your feet to infant status but takes patience and diligence. So much skin to peel! To Buy: BABY FOOT ($19)

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Regardless if you pedi at-home or away, a way to keep everything smooth and hydrated is to coat your feet in a thick balm every night and throw on a thin pair of socks. To Buy: WAXELENE ($8)

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After trying and tossing filer after buffer, we’ve finally found one that is effective and durable – we’re talking years. With little effort, this buffer will gently buff off calluses and dry skin. To Buy: DIAMENCEL DIAMOND FILE ($35)

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DIY! Chances are you have the makings of a foot soak and scrub in your kitchen. An Epsom salt bath is a treat for sore muscles and helps detoxify and relieve stress. After soaking for about 10-15 minutes, take a mixture of olive oil, granulated sugar, coarse sea salt and buff your feet. You can also add any essential oils you may have, like peppermint or lavender, for added aromatherapy. To Buy: CONAIR FOOT BATH ($25)

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Do you ever take the time to massage your own feet? We’re willing to bet that’s a no. But you should! We’re on our feet all day and they need some love. We’ve picked this up again and feel it is another important form of self-care. The star combo here is a nourishing shea butter base and organic rosemary oil for a therapeutic and purifying effect. To Buy: OSMIA ORGANICS ROSEMARY BODY MOUSSE

p.s. While you’re in the mood to DIY, whip up a batch of this tried and true lemon hand scrub!