Try This: Skimm Ahead

Mornings, meet your match. This handy app is taking the stress out of staying informed on everything from the presidential debates to the start of the summer Olympics.
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On a busy morning, it’s tough enough to take a moment to swipe on deodorant and squeeze in a solid breakfast. We try to keep our AM routines as short, sweet and simple as possible, so the day begins on a relatively stress-free foot.

Sometime between swigging a steaming cup (or two) of coffee and slipping into our shoes, our favorite non-negotiable staple is a quick scan of theSkimm. We’ve been regular readers of the daily newsletter for a while now, and we love the way it shares need-to-know news with a mix of succinctness and sass. 

That’s why we’re especially excited about the release of the smart startup company's new subscription service, Skimm Ahead — insert Emoji handclaps here. Via a smartphone app, it provides updates and reminders for upcoming events we won’t want to miss, from movie releases to the summer Olympics to the season premieres of our go-to TV shows. Every tip includes the must-know deets and quick links to watch, read or buy tickets, depending on the scenario. The app even syncs with iCal, so the finale of “The Good Wife” populates automatically between Saturday’s dinner party event and Monday’s dental appointment.

A subscription costs just $2.99 a month — no more than the Starbucks skim latte we'll be sipping while we, well, skim — but the app itself is unpaid, allowing free and easy access to the cherished newsletter (and an archive of past issues). We’re trying the 30-day trial, and so far, we’re sold. But you can test it for yourself, here.

p.s. While you're clicking through the iTunes App Store, here are three more downloads to boost your brainpower.