The Who, What, When and How of At Home Facial Peels

Beauty Editor, Laurie Leopold, takes a 14 day skincare challenge and restores her natural glow with our favorite at home facial peels.
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Image Credit: Laurie Leopold

Image Credit: Laurie Leopold

With a renewed focus on just how important our beauty sleep is for the health of our skin, we decided to take a two-week challenge – that is continuing well past the 14-day mark – using an at-home peel before bed each night. We looked to none other than Dr. Dennis Gross, who created the iconic Alpha Beta® Peel, for a regimen that would set us up for sweet dreams of better skin by morning. While the word peel may conjure up some intimidating imagery, it is simply a two-step pad that you massage onto your face to exfoliate skin and help treat signs of aging, like uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. 

For those of you familiar with Dr. Dennis Gross, we’re guessing it’s by way of the Alpha Beta Peel. It began as a way for him to give his patients a safe and easy way to maintain their complexions at home and has grown to be a signature product that has a cult following. We put the Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Peel, the formula designed for more sensitive skins, to the test at the start of the month. We’re excited to share our experience. 

Image Credit: Laurie Leopold

Image Credit: Laurie Leopold

It doesn’t add to your to-do list. Candidly, we feared adding another two steps to our nightly skin care routine would be a challenge to squeeze in. We’re relieved to tell you it is just the opposite. After you’re done cleansing your skin, each pad is massaged onto skin for about 60 seconds, about 3-5 minutes apart. This waiting period is a great time to brush your teeth or get the coffee ready to go for the next morning. Once you see the immediately brighter skin looking back at you in the mirror, you’ll keep making time. You can also do the peel in the morning – they’re meant for a.m. or p.m. use (just not both!)

Customizable to you. Nothing is one size fits all, especially when it comes to skin. There are now three daily peel formulas and the Medi-Spa once a week option as well, to customize for your needs. For maximum results, they’re recommended for daily use but depending on your skin, you may want to try every few days and work up to a frequency that suits you. The Ultra Gentle has less exfoliating acids than the regular or extra strength version and was ideal for daily use for me without any sensitivity. 

Nooks, Crannies, Hairlines. Sometimes we can be dainty washing our face, avoiding areas near our hairline so we don’t soak our hair or forgetting jawline (where we always apply bronzer!) These pads make it simple to target the areas we don’t get to on our own in a deep way – temples, sides of noses, behind ear and on our neck. After a week, I noticed the area next to my nostrils looking considerably smoother.

Image Credit: Rachel Dickens

Image Credit: Rachel Dickens

The Morning After. Skin heals at night and defends during the day. Sunscreen is even more important when you’re using a product with alpha-beta hydroxyl acids because they can heighten skin’s sensitivity to sun and environmental stressors. I like to apply this formula as a last step before makeup. And, I’ve been adding a few drops of the Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster to my tinted moisturizer as a way to power up my makeup. It’s a time-release concentrate that helps smooth skin throughout the day – the ultimate complement to the nightly peel.

A more dedicated skincare routine at night has paved the way for days with new feelings of confidence. We find we wear less makeup and instead enhance the features we want to standout versus concealing away blemishes and dark spots.

Have you had any experience with a Dr. Dennis Gross Peel? What did you like about it?

p.s. Did you know there’s a ‘magic hour’ where skin works the hardest to repair itself?

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