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A few of our favorite links from around the web this week.
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Image Credit: Brittany Makes via Apartment Therapy

Image Credit: Brittany Makes via Apartment Therapy

Happy Friday, Clementines! What’s on the schedule for your weekend? We’re hoping to spend some time in the great outdoors and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer. But first, here’s a bit of inspiration from around the web—happy reading!

“I never imagined that having it all would include having cancer.” Definitely adding Mary Elizabeth Williams’ latest book to our must-read list.

“It takes someone strong to make someone strong. Thank you, Mom.”

What sugar-free substitutes really do to your body. “The fact of the matter is, we don’t know enough about these artificial sweeteners and their long term effects on the body to rule out any potential issues.”

What happens when real sports fans read real online comments made about women sports reporters—right to their faces. #MoreThanMean

What “reframing” is (in the Danish way) and how it can result in happier parents and children.

Actress Amanda Peet on beauty and botox: “My two young daughters are growing up smack in the heart of America's youth-obsessed beauty culture...They're learning that, in my chosen field, employability is based on looks.”

Man Repeller tried the happy diet and she concluded: it was delicious.

The ultimate DIY: painting your own abstract art. It can be done!

p.s. Mother's Day is right around the corner!