Try This: 5 Minute DIY Herb Facial Steam

Have 5 minutes to spare? Indulge in a quick facial steam using a few herbs from your window sill!
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Image Credit: Melissa O'Hearn

Raise your hand if you could already use a little pampering this week? Us too! Today we are sharing an old favorite worth repeating. A simple, DIY steam that will give you a few moments of spa-like bliss. Enjoy, friends! 

With winter wrapping up, chances are you a) could use a facial to nourish your skin and repair damage of a harsh winter; and b) have had at least one nasty cold this season and would like to get rid of any lingering congestion once and for all . Solve both by treating yourself to a good, old-fashioned steam - in just five minutes! Here's our favorite recipe:

  1. Heat a few cups of water until almost boiling. Meanwhile, wash you face.

  2. Transfer water to a large bowl and add a handful of fresh herbs. Whatever you have on hand will do, but mint, basil and rosemary are particularly refreshing and astringent.

  3. Cover your head with a towel and lean over bowl for five minutes - or until steam dissipates. Breathe deeply and relax.

  4. Pat skin dry. Follow with a pore-cleansing mask or peel, if desired (here’s one of our favorites!).

Don’t have any herbs handy? Toss in a couple of tea bags, such as peppermint, lavender or chamomile. Easy peasy, right?

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