On The Menu: Solo Suppers

With help from Blue Apron, Food & Drink Editor Maggie Pate discovers the benefits of cooking for one.
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Food & Drink Editor, Maggie Pate's schedule is hectic - she is literally juggling multiple professions and running from one thing to the next All. Day. Long. The ironic thing about this talented cook, recipe developer, clothing designer and photographer extradordanaire is that she rarely makes time to cook for herself. We asked her to give Blue Apron a try and report back with her findings on whether or the meal delivery service holds up to her culinary expectations, and most importantly to find out how efficient the program is for a party of one. 

6:30 am --- wake up ... at least aim to wake up
6:40 am --- feed cats then throw on clothes
6:45 am --- walk dog
7:15 am --- coffee and carbs
7:30 am --- shower and dress
8:00 am --- package orders for NÅDE
8:30 am --- head to office
10:00 am --- grab 2nd coffee and snack .. eat at desk
11:00 am --- meeting
12:30 pm --- use lunch break to run errands ... bank, post office, oil change
1:30 pm --- grab 3rd coffee and snacks ... eat at desk
2 pm --- meeting
6:30/7:00pm --- finish up work
7:30pm --- walk dog
8:00 pm --- run or yoga
9:00 pm --- snack/meal/dinner??
9:30 pm --- work on samples or design
12:00 am --- package orders
1:00 am --- edit photos for freelance work
2:00 am --- bed

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With a schedule like mine, there isn't much time in my life for day to day tasks like grocery shopping. Usually I just work until I collapse. Yes, literally collapse. Sadly, if I am not working on a recipe for work, I rarely have time to consider making a sit down meal for myself. Solo suppers aren't typically encouraging so I do tend to avoid them. That being the case, I often don't have the healthiest diet during the week.

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Now that I am in my 30's considering my health is a facet of my life that I would like to master. So this means no more popcorn for dinner or peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. After all, honoring and respecting yourself starts with the basics, and nourishing myself properly sits high atop my list. Seeing I am currently too busy to escape the grasp of the daily grind - I decided to dive into my first delivery meal service with Blue Apron. I chose the best delivery day for my schedule, and the dishes that sounded most appealing.

The box of ingredients arrived and I stored them in the fridge then quickly ran out the door to start my day. When I arrived home (after taking my dog for a quick walk) I decided to start preparing the Suman-Spiced Salmon & Labneh with Freekeh, Kale & Almond Salad. No surprise, I chose it because it required the least amount of time in the kitchen (each recipe is actually under 40 minutes). Honestly, I was so floored by how simple it was to prepare because the dish had a refreshing complexity. I had never tried Freekeh before - I love grains and this option, along with the Blue Apron, are now a constant on my rotation. 

The best part of my meal? The serving provided was enough for two - ideal for my hectic schedule and one less popcorn dinner on the horizon. 

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p.s. Great news! Blue Apron is offering the first 50 Clementine readers two free meals on their first Blue Apron order - simply click here to order! 

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