8 Things of Note

A few of our favorite links from around the web this week.
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Image Credit: Amanda Carter Gomes

Image Credit: Amanda Carter Gomes

We hope for you a wonderful and celebratory, beautiful spring weekend ahead! As always, here a few conversations from around the web that we found particularly noteworthy. Happy reading!

“Whereas Americans have perfected the art of the rocket, projecting themselves on lonely journeys, the rest of the world practices the boomerang, recognizing the value of leaving and returning.”

Study of teenagers ask: who's happier, boys or girls?

“Abortion wasn’t part of my birth plan.”

Using specific foods to help balance your hormones.

“But I do want to tell you that your body is an amazing little skin house your soul lives in, and you only get one, and you sure as hell better admire it every day.”

Understanding how to move and manipulate energy (reminding us that energy is a palpable, an animating life force).

A few charitable ideas on how to give back.

And, the prettiest speckled cake to make for Easter this weekend.

p.s. How we are celebrating Women's History Month.