Try This: A Self-Care Valentine's Day

How about a little self-care this Valentine's Day? This year, let's gift ourselves a bit of indulgence and love!
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Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

When we make time for ourselves – as hard as it can be – we always reap the rewards. Better mood, sounder sleep, fresh perspective and less stress. Self-care pays off in so many ways. Just ask those we live with! 

With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, the focus can always be on expressing your love to others. Date night and gal time can be special, but there’s nothing quite like taking time for yourself. If you don’t quite feel up for going out, we suggest a night of indulgence. After all, Valentine’s Day does fall on a Sunday. Here are a few ideas to inspire some self-love and care! 


Take a bath. It forces you to put the phone down and unwind. Fill the tub with bubbles or oils – we love the Fig + Yarrow Floral Milk Bath – and let your mind wander. Make sure to have some water tub-side so you don’t accidentally dehydrate, and add 


At-home pedi. Sure, it can be pampering to go to a salon but there’s also something really nice about spa-ing at home. Give your feet a hearty scrub and maybe even drape a hot towel over them for a true spa moment. You can find us doing this very activity with the Svelta Coffee & Raw Sugar blend – it’s heavenly. Bonus: no waiting around for your polish to dry before putting on socks and boots (classic winter dilemmas).


Read by candlelight. Pour yourself a glass of wine, light up the candles and curl up in bed, the couch or better yet, that chair you never sit in but always say you will. We all have one, right? We love these candles by P.F Candle Co.


Write on paper. Even if you don’t journal, take the time to write down whatever is on your mind. It’s incredibly therapeutic to put pen to paper and let it all out. Again, this is time for you so be free to express without worry of anyone seeing.

Netflix and chill. Forget the phrase’s actual connotation, we really do mean chill. If you need mindless, then may streaming be there for you. If you haven’t yet conquered Master of None or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, we say start there. Laughter and self-care are made for each other.

If you do all of these things, then you officially win the self-care award for Valentine’s Day 2016. Cheers to you!

p.s. If you’ve got date night – or gal time – plans this weekend, check out our outfit guide for a casual yet festive look for Valentine’s Day.