Spring Color Trend: Blush and Peach

February's Guest Style Editors Lisa Hackwith and Erin Husted talk their favorite colors for spring—and how to wear them.
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Mira Dress by HDH

Mira Dress by HDH

Our Guest Style Editors Lisa Hackwith and Erin Husted of Hackwith Design House are here to let us in on their most coveted color picks for spring—

When I (Lisa) first started designing, I would go to this local fabric store that specializes in stocking run-off fabric. This store is huge! I’d be climbing up on ladders, wandering through aisles, and digging through piles of newly received fabrics to find my perfect fabrics. 

But now we are fortunate enough to have found Jay. He’s our fabric supplier, and he does all the digging now. A couple months ago, we got all these fabric cards from him, and I kept being drawn to these beautiful blush pink and muted peach colors; I’d pick it out in all these different types of fabrics. 

 Then we met with our friend, Melissa Oholendt, and her office had the fantastic blush color on its walls! So inspired by Melissa, Jay’s fabric cards, and the products pictured here, blush pink and muted peach are our go-to colors this spring (we’re even including the pink in our upcoming line, HDH Bridal). 

Melissa Oholendt's Office for Color Story.jpg

Melissa Oholendt's serene blush office. 


Champagne Creme Lipstick by Stowaway

Korbel Dress for Color Story Post.jpg

Korbel Dress by HDH


Latrone Cuff in Rose Gold by The Things We Keep

Wal & Pai Slides for Color Story.jpg

Slides by Wal & Pai 

p.s. And for those of us still entrenched in winter, a cold weather essential.