On Celebrating Independence

Why investing in and celebrating yourself at every stage in life is necessary and empowering!
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Image credit: Ryan Sides 

Image credit: Ryan Sides 

Valentine’s Day 2016 marked the third consecutive year that I (Taylor) found myself cruising around favorite back roads, windows down with Jason Derulo’s Riding Solo exploding through my speakers. It’s one of the traditions I have along with buying myself tulips, making a cocktail and thumbing through books featuring sappy love quotes. But this year things felt a bit off, I was inspired to mix things up - to mark the occasion and celebrate my independence (on the most "romantic" day of the year). 

A few weeks ago, I began researching jewelry options on Pinterest and discovered Diamond Foundry. I wanted to treat myself to a piece of jewelry that mirrored what I value and who I am as a person: responsible, rare and unique. Diamond Foundry fit the mold. I was drawn to the fact that they create Eco-Friendly Diamonds; the gems hot-forged under a plasma akin to the sun. (Yes, I was amazed, too.) Their process avoids the ecological toll of mining and human rights violations - two things this ethically committed gal appreciates and prioritizes. 


The next quality that drew me to foundry diamonds was their rarity. Since the diamonds are hot-foraged, they are made in small batches. Being an independent, single woman in the South, I am often viewed as a rare kind. We too come in small batches. I knew that wearing a foundry diamond would remind me that being single is actually a rare and wonderful state to be in - a time and place that should be valued.  

Image credit: Ryan Sides 

Image credit: Ryan Sides 

Now that I have my Diamond Foundry pendant, I wear it everyday. I love sharing the story of this piece and why I chose it: for the rare, unique and precious qualities of the stone. It is the only item I own that mirrors a certain period in my life, and the first time I have invested in keepsake jewelry for myself - two traditions I am happy to maintain for years to come (regardless of my relationship status).  

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