How To Restore Balance To Your Life

Dealing with exhaustion and hormonal fatigue, Executive Editor Amanda Carter Gomes is turning to her friends at Prescribe Nutrition to help her restore balance to her diet and life!
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Image Credit: Clementine Collection for DTTSP by Stella Blackmon

Image Credit: Clementine Collection for DTTSP by Stella Blackmon

Every year my birthday serves as the reminder of my annual "to dos". Included in this long, unglamorous (but necessary) list is my annual physical. This year, unlike in the recent past, I arrived to my appointment prepared. Questions in hand, I had a few small concerns for my doctor: the random pain in my right foot that occurs after I run (not before or during), a recommendation for a healing oil (after a nasty run-in with the fireplace left me with a stubborn scar - long story!), and topping this list was my biggest frustration - lack of energy and occasional mood swings, both of which have left me depleted and in all honesty, a little worried.

My doctor nodded, offered a few pointers for the foot, two resources for the scar, and then paused. "It sounds to me like you are a little off-kilter", she said. "How's your diet?” "My diet?" I questioned. "Well, it has been better...but, I mean, I can always get back to cleaner eating." As I said this I realized I have been trying to get "back to cleaner eating" for over a year now, and there is always a reason to procrastinate: time, energy, babes. Did I say time?

While I consider myself fairly healthy in the grand scheme of things, I know I could benefit from a few tweaks. I am not someone who subscribes or succeeds with strict rules and regulations, especially when postpartum. But some guidelines, a handful of recipe suggestions, a community of like-minded individuals offering support (this feels especially important right now, as I have not been great at finding the motivation alone).. a plan? Yes, please! I turned to my friends at Prescribe Nutrition for a few tips on how to integrate simple and approachable nutritional practices into my daily routine. 

Low energy, feeling off… or like a puzzle piece (or two) is missing? We’ll be honest - that’s basically why Prescribe Nutrition exists. We know first hand what it’s like to want to feel your best but not quite have the information, support and tools to make it a reality. We love the chance to dish about what wakes us up everyday - so we are sharing some of our favorite, “real life” nutrition ethos to help restore balance to your body and your life! 

  • Remove dieting from the equation. If you’re like us, you’ve done it all. A magazine cover promises you’ll drop a size in five days… your favorite TV show introduces a herb based diet pill that will solve it all… if you just cut carbs (or fat, or, or…) you’re sure to see results. Been there, done that. It’s exhausting. What’s the opposite of feeling exhausted? Feeling empowered. Keep it simple and focus less on what not to eat and more on what to eat. (Cue the music.) Our favorite tip here: The more alive your foods are, the more alive you’ll feel.
  • One size does not fit all. This is our favorite mantra! Everyone is different, so why would we all follow the same guidelines? It’s just not realistic. We’ve seen this when working with private clients and in our group programs - while some person may absolutely need the fiber and carbohydrates from whole grains, others may operate better without it. Try to tune out the trends and tap into how your body operates best! 
  • Eat foods that are ALIVE. We know, we know… easier said than done. But honestly, once you start to feed your body real fuel, the lights go back on and it works like magic. Remember you’re ‘alive’ foods? Those are the foods that we need to function. Plants? They’re still alive! Their cells are hustling around, and they perform magic in our bodies. But the packaged stuff? The more processed the foods are that we ingest, the more work and energy our bodies have to expend to figure out what to do with those ingredients (that we often can’t even pronounce). Try to fuel your body with less processed ingredients, and in turn it will give you more energy and love. We promise!
  • Listen to your body, always. Is your body talking to you? When you're hungry, eat. Some days it might be more, some days maybe less… it all this depends on your activity level and physiology. Lean into the fact that when our plants need water, we water them - many times more or less based on the elements. This process is very similar to what our bodies are require. Do you want to know an interesting fact? Sometimes when you clean up your diet you can feel famished, and that’s because your body is actively detoxing (even while eating plenty of food) - feed it during healthy times of transition! 
  • Have fun! Food, in all forms, is fun. There’s real magic and beauty that happens in the kitchen -it’s a place to connect with food, your surroundings and loved ones. Sure it’s gonna take some time and planning to cook and eat more real, whole ingredients, but the bottom line is that it’s the best long-term healthcare you can give yourself. And, it pays off! 

In an effort to boost my energy, stabilize my moods and restore hormonal balance to my body (and my life), I will be subscribing to the Prescribe Balance program and would love for you to join me! There is power in numbers, friends. Use the code “clementinedaily” to receive 20% off. Be sure to report back here with your progress! 

This post is in partnership with Prescribe Nutrition - a program we support and love! All opinions (and health confessions) are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Clementine Daily possible!