Get the Look: A Beautiful and Affordably Furnished Home

Tips and tricks to finding beautiful (and affordable) pre-owned furniture online.
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At Clementine Daily, we’re no stranger to vintage shopping. We love pre-owned pieces that are better on the budget than new, and we love them even more when they have a history. Needless to say, when we learned that the majority of furniture featured in Jordan Grace Owens’ home was pre-owned, we had to get the facts.

We paid one more visit to Jordan in her gorgeous Durham, NC bungalow (no complaints) to find out her thoughts on shopping affordable furniture online. Here are Jordan’s top four tips”:


1. Figure out your strategy. It may come as no surprise, but the key to Jordan’s success is strategy. She searches multiple search terms, embraces filters, and – when all else fails – isn’t afraid of some harmless, aimless scrolling.

“Sometimes I use search terms on Craigslist, like ‘mid century modern’ or ‘mid-century modern’ or ‘mcm’ – you have to search them all because they bring up different listings). If I’m looking for something specific, like a table, I’ll flip through listings for a hundred ugly tables until I find one I really like – like the old farm table in our kitchen. Some of my favorite Craigslist finds have come from just scrolling through listings aimlessly, until I find something that looks like it’ll be a good fit in my house. This was a good strategy when we were furnishing an empty home. I never would have thought to search for a deacon’s bench, but I bought one that’s a great fit in my living room. I use a Craigslist app on my phone and look at the whole category of furniture. You can turn on filters to block any listings from dealers, so you’re not bombarded with ads for mattress sales.”


2. Embrace DIY. 

Even the simplest of updates (we can all wield a spray paint can) can make a big impact! “I always try to look for good bones for possible DIY projects. For my bedroom, I bought a $5 brass floor mirror that I spray painted white, and now it’s so minimalist and chic. My mid-century modern dresser was a Craigslist find, too. It was painted an ugly teal, but I stripped the paint, spray painted it a glossy white, and added new hardware.”

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3. Get to know your seller.

“When you find a seller who’s taste you like, it’s a good idea to ask if they’re selling anything else. When I bought the deacon’s bench I mentioned, I ended up buying three other pieces from the seller — a half-moon table for my entryway, a stool with a woven seat for the living room, and an old enamel-top table for the kitchen sunroom/breakfast nook. When you buy multiple items, the seller will usually cut you a pretty good deal, too!


4. Shop local.

“I’ve had good luck with furniture on Craigslist but Etsy can be a great source, too. You can use the ‘search local’ feature to find good vintage pieces nearby. I bought my living room rug and a mid-century modern side table from nearby Etsy sellers. Some of my home accessories were good deals from Etsy vintage shops, too, like the kilim pillows in the living room, and the vintage candleholder on the mantle.”

p.s. For more interior inspiration, check out the entire tour of Jordan’s cozy bungalow!