5 Gorgeous Creamers To Elevate Your Coffee or Tea Routine

Coffee and tea pick-me-ups are that much more enjoyable when served with a delicate and pretty little creamer pot.
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Image Credit: Crate and Barrel

Image Credit: Crate and Barrel

It's tea time! Or coffee, really.

We are certainly hot beverage people - even in the summer months we drink hot tea on the regular. And maybe it was influenced by time spent abroad, or the allure of a warm cup needed to hit the spot but we have never truly warmed ... neigh we say cooled, to ice in our drinks. Thus, our coffee and tea always have one constant companion: cream! 

Gone are the days of boring creamer containers. From handcrafted ceramic options to modern glass sets, we have assembled a collection of beautiful pieces to accompany your favorite hot drinks.  


A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind design handmade in Portland, this creamer is multi-purposed and could easily double for salt, syrup or in our case: delicate jewelry. To Buy: Dina No Creamer ($40)


Part of Aaron Probyn's serving collection line for Crate and Barrel, a beautiful ceramic creamer that is as timeless as it is functional - the tapered bowl is topped with a wood lid with a recessed design for easy lifting. To Buy: Bree Creamer (on sale! $9)


You cannot go wrong with classic, vintage-inspired design...or a creamer that reminds you of France. To Buy: Lait Creamer ($10)


This beautiful vessel is handmade in New York using traditional ceramic techniques. Closer to a work of art than your normal kitchen fare, each piece is signed with his maker's mark and city of orgin. To Buy: Eric Bonnin Tiny Creamer ($18)


For the heavy-duty, modern drinker. This sleek, Chambord-inspired glass set is finished with a copper-finished steel body.  To Buy: Bodum Copper Coffee Collection ($30)

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