Try This: Mood Boosting Body Wash

We are mixing up our morning routine with three mood and brain boosting body washes, made with essential oils these formulas help you wake up, be well and get happy!
Image Credit: Veda House

Image Credit: Veda House

It can admittedly take a lot to get us out of bed and fully charged during the mid-winter months. On the days when it's hard to leave the comfort of the covers, we have been relying on mood and brain boosting body washes for a little extra oomph to start our day (we will take all the help we can get)! Currently on rotation are three favorites from apothecary and gourmet goods line: PLANT. Added bonus - the entire collection is now available at Target

  • WAKE UP: Lightly scented with organic essential oils of rosemary and lemongrass, which aromatherapists have traditionally used to stimulate and revive the mind and body. Use it to give yourself a little boost whenever you need it, whether it’s morning, noon or night. To Buy: WAKE UP Bodywash ($20)
  • BE WELL: This formula has essential oils used by aromatherapists and clinicians to boost the immune system. This all-natural, honey-like gel is gentle, low-sudsing formula is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. To Buy: BE WELL Bodywash ($20)
  • GET HAPPY: Enriched with organic essential oils of geranium and peppermint, which are known for their uplifting properties. Take a sniff and lather up to boost your mood and make it happy day. To Buy: GET HAPPY Bodywash ($20)

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