3 Life Changing Updates For Your Space

Amanda Gibby Peters is back and sharing three common metaphors found in our homes that when updated, can provide life changing results for the year ahead!
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Feng shui is a different language for good design – one that makes a home compatible with our intentions and desires. It is beneficial to punctuate your space with positive metaphors – personal style statements that get the energy humming. When we understand the implications of a good metaphor, we possess the necessary tools for contouring the unique life we desire.

Take a look around you right now. Everything in our surroundings has a voice. How does the atmosphere make you feel? Is your stuff blathering or beckoning? Does the energy make you feel supported or infringed upon? If freestyling with metaphor has you intrigued, here are a few simple shui ideas that reverberate life affirming changes from the inside out.

Look for clues.

If you are in a predictable pattern of feeling broke, look for broken or chipped items – especially the stuff you don’t love or use – and donate or throw it out. Be especially mindful of things that conjure a “poor me” attitude. To deliberately create better opportunities, we have to inform the frequency around us. This is how metaphors get us to a higher latitude. Incorporate some gold into your space. Anchor a room with a fresh bouquet of showy blooms. Keep the kitchen coffers well-stocked. Whatever implies abundance to you is where the metaphorical magic begins.

Improve your outlook.

When windows are dirty, it suggests we aren’t seeing things clearly. Whether indecisiveness has us in a headlock or we need to see the BIG picture of a situation, washing the windows clears away our confusion and misunderstandings. Likewise, if outdoor landscaping blocks a window view or suffocates the entrance, it could signify something is being hidden from us or we are being left out. Raise your spirits by giving the yard a quick manicure, and it’ll simultaneously prune away those smothering obstacles.

Decorate with passion.

Looking for love, but coming up single? Partnership comes in twos, so make the most of this lovely metaphor in the bedroom: a pair of nightstands, two lamps, and an even scattering of bed pillows. Allow physical space for love to show up – leave a few hangers in the closet empty and clear out a bathroom drawer. Kindle the unexpected possibilities with an extra toothbrush and stack of towels. And pay attention to photos and artwork around your nest – do they suggest “party of one”? Consider a sabbatical from the solitary selfie, and garnish the walls with good company instead.

When we play with shui and her metaphors, our feelings follow form. We transform our house into a coherent expression of love. And from that quiet satisfaction, our desires become operational, flinging the doors wide open to the life we want. 

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