A Trick For Hydrating Winter Skin

Is your skin feeling dull? Try this surprising quick trick to replenish your natural oils and fend off dryness during the winter months.
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Winter is notorious for taking our skin on a rollercoaster. Despite doing all of the right treatments, we can still be dry, flaky and red. What gives? Many times, we unintentionally strip our skin of the natural oils we generate by over-washing. Try taking a break from washing your face in the morning and instead just lightly patting it with a splash of water before applying daytime skin treatments and makeup.

Also, evaluate the type of cleanser you are using at night when you remove makeup. If it is exfoliating or gel-based, it might be a formula that’s best saved for another time of year. Opt for a cream cleanser and massage away makeup with warm water. The once a day cleanse might be the key to keeping your skin balanced and flake-free. 

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