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How We Are Giving Back This Year

It's not too late! We've discovered an easy way to help support the causes and people you love this season.
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With the season of gratitude in full swing, our Executive Editor Amanda Carter Gomes shares how she intends to give back and support women who care for other women. She reminds us, even the smallest gesture can make a big difference. 

Every year as the holidays approach, I always have the intention of doing something to give back. I have great expectations and grandiose ideas, then December 31 rolls around and I find myself filing those intentions away with the rest of my best-laid plans: gingerbread houses, hosting a holiday party, handmade Christmas gifts…etc.

This year, I was determined to be different. And while realistically I knew handmade anything was not in my future (I would be lying if I said that I was gifted in the DIY department), I committed to find a way to give back – to donate something, share something, DO something.

In the past year I knew my midwife (along with two other women) had turned a former Speed-E Mart into an accessible, affordable health care clinic for women and children. And I should preface this by saying my midwife is honestly one of the most compassionate, supportive and amazing women I know. In her care my experiences during my pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum was beyond my greatest expectations. It is difficult to articulate how much I respect this woman and her commitment to providing exceptional, affordable care for women and their families. Inspired by Jodilyn, I decided to create a campaign to support the Rainier Valley Community Clinic. My goal was simple: to share their mission and to help them start 2016 with a financial cushion, however big or small.

RVCC's newly remodeled space

RVCC's newly remodeled space

Initially I was overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin and how to help. Then I was introduced to GoFundMe, and was relieved to discover a simple, easy-to-navigate platform where I could raise funds…on my own! No levels or pre-marketing campaign required, just an hour of my time to share RVCC’s story and mission. 

RVCC's newly remodeled space

RVCC's newly remodeled space

Now, my page is up,the intention is clear and my holiday spirits are high! It does not have to be grand or difficult, sometimes the smallest gesture can make a significant impact. All this time, it was just that simple.  

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