Dry Shampoo: The Everything Hair Product

These days dry shampoos do way more than just not wash your hair!
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Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

The ways we avoid washing our hair have taken an exciting turn. We’re grateful for the evolution. We rely on dry shampoo to help us squeeze more time into our mornings and help save our strands from daily heat damage. Dry shampoo now masquerades as so much more than oil absorber but also hair texturizer, volumizer, conditioner and styler. There’s really no need to even wait for next day hair to reap the benefits of the modern day dry shampoo. Here is a glimpse at our favorite alternatives that we find ourselves reaching for daily.


This might be the coolest product, ever. It’s a paste – grey in color from Hawaiian volcanic ash, one of its ingredients – that forms an oily texture when you warm between your fingers that then turns into a powder when you massage into your scalp. It gives some serious on-purpose bedhead. Buy: R+Co Dry Shampoo Paste ($28)


This has only been available for a short time and it’s already racking up best of beauty awards. For good reason: this actually cleans your hair, absorbing oil, sweat and odor. You can use this for days on end without ever feeling any buildup. To Buy: Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo ($22)


Smart packaging makes a world of difference with a loose powder. This pretty blush-hued bottled helps you precisely apply the perfect amount where you need to. Another perk? No starchy finish – your hair feels noticeably softer. To Buy: Verb Dry Shampoo ($14)


There is such a thing as dry conditioner and it works wonders to soften the ends and body of your hair. This is particularly awesome for those with drier hair that don’t struggle with excess oil. To Buy: Oribe Dry Conditioner ($36)


Rahua takes the plants and minerals native to the Amazon and infuses them in this 100% natural dry shampoo. Staying true to their eco-mission, the bottle is meant to mimic the blast of an aerosol but is dispensed only by hand-squeezed pressure. To Buy: Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo ($32)


It’s like your favorite perfume but for your hair. Truly, it is one of our favorite perfumes and for our hair. All of the hair-refreshing benefits of dry shampoo and also the seductive sandalwood and vanilla scent of Nirvana Black. Also available in its lighter sister Nirvana White blend. To Buy: Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo ($28)

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