Discovering Your Best Hair

We partnered with Living Proof to help you discover your best hair!
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Sometimes we just need change: scenery, pace, breakfast, hair. We’ve all been there, done that, especially with our hair. When craving change, it’s easier to act on impulse—chop it all off, get those bangs you’ve been stewing over or try a new color for the sake of your reflection looking refreshingly unfamiliar in the mirror. The driving force of it all may be the frustration of too many bad hair days or a moment of fearlessness. Sometimes a change in your life warrants a change in your look. We don’t shun the transformative power of a new ‘do, but what if you could transform your hair without a drastic cut or visit to the salon? What if you could rely on science to channel #YourBestHair? 


Good news,friends - you can. Living Proof has beauty down to a science. Starting in the lab, they confronted issues like frizz, lift and shine from a scientist’s perspective. In nearly every Living Proof product is a molecule they invented called OFPMA. It forms a thin, invisible bulletproof shield around every strand of hair to strengthen it against everything – brushing washing, styling – and also fights humidity, repels oil and dirt and balances the flow of moisture in out and of strands. Hair becomes healthier over time versus building up and weighing hair down, or worse, causing breakage. So using Living Proof products together and over time helps create stronger and healthier hair.


Our needs vary, so Living Proof added an important scientific equation to the mix: a product selector tool. So we answered a few questions: hair type, texture, time spent in the sun, air or blow dry preference. Also, are you happy with your hair? And of course, a few questions on needs: the finish you prefer (flexible, strong hold, shine) and what you need help with (frizz, managing curl, volume or even the “I want it all” special.) Resulting in a custom regimen built for you.

We’re impressed with the Living Proof Perfect hair Day shampoo and conditioner. It’s aspirational in name and, yet, lives up to its loftiness. It sort of does it all – smooth, polish, add volume and important, gives you time back because you can eventually wash your hair less often. The sidekick to this duo is the dry shampoo which actually cleans your hair so you don’t have to wet it and cleanse traditionally. Yes, even after an intense workout. We’re not holding back – this stuff is magical.


The satin hair serum is free of silicones and oils, yet has the slip to smooth and add shine to your hair. It cuts styling time in half and you can even massage it into dry hair to soften your ends or refresh your look. There’s also the way Living Proof uses science to trick fine hair into behaving as full and thick. As they explain, flat hair simply has no friction. So they invented a molecule called PBAE that creates a tiny pattern of thickening dots on every strand so hair doesn’t simply lie flat on top of each other. The Flex Shaping Spray is also proving itself to be the ultimate multitasker. Use it at any – or every – point in the styling process to give structure and hold.  

Maybe, just maybe, discovering #YourBestHair can lead to the best day. You know the one: when you’re walking through the city, hand in hand with someone special, not worrying about a thing. Especially not your hair.

Let us know if you take the quiz and what #YourBestHair is all about!

Wishing you many best days – hair and otherwise – this season.  

This post is in partnership with Living Proof. All opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Clementine Daily possible!