5 Tips For Maximizing The Energy In Your Home This Season

As we head into the New Year, contributor Amanda Gibby Peters is offering tips for harnessing what your home represents and unleashing the abundance of the season.
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Image Credit: Giulia Audrey Doyle

We relish a tall drink of holiday spirit – it’s cheers to a season that celebrates beauty radiating from within. Between late afternoon sunsets and the electric shock of cold fronts, we have a gorgeous reason to stoke the hearth of our homes and draw strength from our surroundings. Want to unleash the abundance that savors this time of year? Here are a few simple shui considerations:

DINE JOYOUSLY. Dining rooms – those well-intended nooks – are often only indulged mid-holiday howl. However, shui associates the dining room with wealth so if you have one, use it. And instead of just sitting down for big meals, sip a morning cuppa here. Those delicious sweet conclusions that tempt around moontide? Sneak them to this table. Gather family and friends, and enjoy a game night. Find unexpected ways to say hello to the space, and its magnanimous energy will create its own full-bodied magic.

SCATTER GOOD CHEER. Part of the holiday thrill is unearthing pretty stemware or fabulous plates – our “special shindig” loot. Beauty beckons spontaneous get-togethers and cheerful spreads. Instead of wrapping it back up when the season expires, mix in a few of these dazzling pieces with the everyday guard. Anything fancy can easily become a wealth talisman, radiating prosperous energy throughout our house. Simply choose a few pieces you LOVE and use them regularly – delight is always a guaranteed mood lifter.

GET FRESH. Flowers, fruits, greenery and branches echo earth’s simple pleasures and compose breath giving accents. Seek inspiration from your local harvest. If you are the lucky guest at someone’s table, a fresh mum or winter bulbs are a gracious hostess gift. As for setting a table or making a merry mantel, incorporate what you love. Any cornucopia arrangement represents good health and a long life – a perfect sentiment as we dance toward the edge of a new year.

KEEP COOL. If family squabbles intersect with the holidays, use natural colors – various hues of brown, yellow, and muted palettes – to keep irascible personalities calm and grounded. Pops of orange and red encourage lively interaction so use them for accents instead. Minimize shiny and sharp elements to curb cutting conversation. Dim the overhead wattage, and light small tea candles to curate the soft glow of a sublime gathering.

WORK YOUR TABLE. Round tables spark contagious conversation and inspire the exchange of ideas. Square tables represent bounty and unity. A rectangular table opens us to blessings as it extends generous space to our guests. A tablecloth softens edges and absorbs any fussy vibes that can pop up unexpectedly – so, if the mood strikes, splurge on beautiful linens. And give thanks for the distinct pleasure of having loved ones around you and your table this season. 

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