Welcome Home: Stephanie Duncan's Modern Treehouse

Today we take a peek at Style Editor Stephanie Duncan's beautiful Atlanta family room.
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It's no secret we are huge fans of Stephanie Duncan's sartorial advice, but our admiration for the Clementine Style Editor extends far beyond her fashion expertise to her discerning eye for interior design (we also happen to love her philosophies on love, life and child rearing). The story behind Stephanie's modern treehouse home in Atlanta was almost as "meant to be" as it gets—but as her family now prepares to move cross-country for another "meant to be" opportunity, she invited us over to take a peek at the beautiful space she has called home for the past two years. Enjoy, friends! 

Your living room is stunning and almost surreal! What was your main focus when you began decorating?

Thanks so much for the kind words. This room is the reason that we bought the house. With twenty-foot glass walls little decorating is needed. The views are the art; all I wanted to do was add a mix of midcentury and modern furniture with simple lines and lots of textiles. Family photos and warm light create a cozy space for us to be a family.

Treehouse Tour
Treehouse Tour

You are a busy working momma with two young girls—how do you and your family use this space?

This room is used for absolutely everything, except watching TV. Vinyl, instruments and books are the offered entertainment. We lounge about as a family and always entertain in this room—drinks and games with adults or wild and crazy kid parties (after we clear out the beautiful furniture and white rug, of course). 

How do you want visitors to feel when entering this room?

I would say that most everyone that has walked in the door is wowed. It’s so fun to see the reaction people have because it doesn’t even matter if modern is their style or not, they are moved by the space. The windows make an impression immediately and our décor speaks volumes about who we are. Collections of things from our ten years together combined with sharp new pieces picked to function in this incredible room…people know what is important to us right away, and I love that.

Treehouse Tour

How did the collaboration with Smart Furniture help you to complete your vision of your living room?

My style and approach is to mix and match. I love old and new together because the combination of the two extremes showcases how the styles are different, yet still complementary. I’m a big thrifter and have many cherished items from both of our families, but I was in need of strong statement pieces to serve as the foundation for the room. The white shag rug, the extra long couch, the steel coffee table—all contrasting pieces that were needed to create balance.

Treehouse Tour

We know your time here is limited because you are about to embark on a cross-country relocation to Portland, Oregon. What will you miss most about this home? What will you take away and hope to recreate in the PNW?

Years ago we travelled to Portland and fell in love with the city. We worked hard to try to make the move, but in the end gave up. It was not meant to be. We bought this home as a show of commitment to Atlanta when we sacrificed that dream because it was the closest thing we could find to living in Portland.

I have never loved a space so much and it is truly breaking our hearts to leave it, but the fact that a Portland job opportunity popped up out of nowhere makes us feel as though it’s truly meant to be. We bought this house because we couldn’t have Portland. It seems fitting now that we are forced to give it up to get to make the move to the city that we love. It’s a great lesson. It’s magic, but it is a house. We are trying to show our girls that life is about experiences, not things—no matter how much you love them.

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