Try This: A New Bedtime Routine To Spark Your Relationship

Looking for a way to add some depth to your bedtime routine? Founder Erin Loechner discovered the unexpected benefits of grooming...together.
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If your household runs anything like ours, bedtime can be a free-for-all. There’s the tucking in of children, the tying up of the day’s loose ends, the de-cluttering of the living room (where on earth do those Play-Doh lids keep disappearing to?!), the filling of the dishwasher, the readying of tomorrow’s lunches. It’s enough to make us fall into bed before we can say “Netflix,” and yet, we do. We say Netflix, and two hours later we’re still lost in the tangled lives of the Olivia Popes, the Francis Underwoods, the Rayna James’.

Soon enough, it’s 11:30pm and we’re dragging ourselves to the bathroom for a quick teeth-brushing and a gargle before falling into bed, wordless and exhausted.

Surely there’s a better way?


Well, we’ve discovered one.

My husband and I recently established a new bedtime routine we like to call Groom & Gab, and the gist is simple: after the toddler’s in bed, we head to the bathroom for some good old fashioned chit-chat while we wash off the day.

We take turns spitting in the sink, rinsing our mouthwash, exfoliating our pores (we use the Clinique for Men and Sonic System for Women and they’re divine!). Between cleansing, moisturizing, flossing or shaving, we recap the day’s highs, lows and everything between. It makes our nightly grooming ritual fun - something to look forward to - rather than the dreaded chore we often sleepily skip.


For the past two weeks, we’ve been experimenting with our new bedtime routine, and the effects have been noticeably different. Not only do our faces seem toned and bright, but our spirits feel the same. Gone are the days of autopilot late-night productivity and Netflix binges - we now find ourselves sparking deeper, more meaningful conversations about our future dreams, doubts, plans.

(Other nights, of course, we speed through Groom & Gab because we simply must know what Good Old Underwood is up to.)

Sometimes, it seems we all need a bit of a boost - a simple exfoliation to rid ourselves of existing habits and allow for something new to appear in its place.


(In skincare and in life.)

p.s. So, bathroom bonding - what do you think? Would you ever share your nightly pampering routine with your partner in an attempt to connect on a deeper level? We’d love to hear!

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