The Keys To Healthy (+ Beautiful) Skin in your 20s, 30s and 40s

Adina Grigore is back and sharing her tips for achieving and maintaining three decades of beautiful skin!
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While the foundational elements of good skincare – a healthy diet and lifestyle – remain consistent regardless of your age, your routine at 20 can and should look a bit different than when you’re 40. Below, I’ve detailed some tips for healthy skin in your 20s, 30s, and 40s.

In your 20s…

Relax. No, really, just chill out – you are way too young to be going crazy with an elaborate skincare routine! Don’t let anyone scare you into believing that you need to be using retinol to “combat the signs of aging”; your skin is at its most supple and elastic during this time, producing lots of collagen and generally looking, well, very youthful…

Sometimes too youthful; teenage-like hormonal acne is a major skin issue faced by women in their 20s, and I’d be remiss not to mention it. I tell my clients to treat blemishes with kindness – popping or picking at them will only spread bacteria and create the potential for scarring. Apply a natural astringent like apple cider vinegar or baking soda to the offending culprit and do not touch.

Moreover, in your 20s, you’re often prone to partaking in too many late nights out and making poor diet and lifestyle choices (1 A.M. pizza and beer run, anyone?), all while embarking on the high-stress realities of… becoming an adult. This can and will be reflected in your skin through breakouts, puffiness, and inflammation.

A few tips: Be sure to make a conscious effort to get plenty of sleep (at least seven hours), drink lots of water (if you’re drinking booze, match every drink with a glass of water), eat a balanced diet filled with greens, and attempt to exercise three to four times a week. Doing all of the above will not only help out your skin, it’ll make you healthier and less stressed, plus you’ll be establishing great habits to carry you into your 30s and beyond.

In your 30s…

Again, relax. You’re gorgeous AND you’re young! (Having just turned 31, I remind myself of this every single day). That noted, as I’ve hurtled into my 30s, I’ve made a conscious decision to do three things:

One, stay hydrated. As you age, the skin’s production of sebum slows down, so you’re naturally producing less oil. This oil not only protects your skin, it gives it that plump, youthful appearance. My tips? Slather on a heavier cream each night and a lighter moisturizer during the day. Plus, guzzle water all day, everyday.

Two, be an adult and wear sunscreen. Seriously. You’re too old and too damn wise to get sunburned. I personally love Badger Balm, but recommend any mineral-based sunscreen.

Three, exercise more! Research has actually shown that exercising can enhance the skin’s elasticity; given your metabolism starts to slow down during this time – sob! – there is no better time to start movin’.

In your 40s…

Ladies! 40 is the new 20, minus the baggage and plus all of the wisdom.

Jokes aside, some of the most beautiful women I have ever encountered are in their 40s, and most of them go entirely barefaced, something that many 20-year-olds would be terrified to do. This noted, I actually recommend that women in their 40s scale back on using makeup, as powder and foundation can actually settle into fine lines and age you.

Secondly, in your 40s cell turnover slows down, meaning you might need to give the skin a little boost by way of added exfoliation and the infusion of antioxidants. I love our Hibiscus Mask for accelerating cell turnover (hibiscus is cheekily known as “Nature’s Botox”); use it once a week for best results. Clay masks are great alternatives, too, helping draw out toxins and even out skin tone.

On the antioxidant front, organic plant-based oils (coffee oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil) are loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids, all of which will keep the skin looking glowing, hydrated, and youthful… in the 40-is-the-new-20 way, of course.

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