Our Favorite Pants Right Now

Tips for how to wear the latest addition to our fall + winter wardrobe: the drop crotch pant.
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Photography: Claudia Bost

Photography: Claudia Bost

Too often we feel like comfort must be sacrificed for style, and vice versa. Feeling put together automatically requires snug, starched, stretchy garments that prove difficult to really live in. Donning a relaxed vibe doesn’t mean you have to leave the house in sweats, or wear your workout gear around the clock. There is a new category of clothing that offers natural breathable fabrics in easy silhouettes - pieces that function from day to night, and can be styled a million different ways.


While it may be intimidating at first, a drop crotch pant can be an easy and comfortable option to add to your rotation. When trying to figure out what to pair it with, think of the bottom like any other staple in your wardrobe. Just like jeans, they can be worn with a tee shirt, sweater, tank, or jacket. Instead of thinking of the silhouette as day only option, try this loose shape with a cropped or fitted top and sleek shoe for an edgy look for night  


Since the temperatures are dropping, top with a cozy bomber jacket and comfortably run around all day (while still looking effortlessly pulled together). Now you have not one, but two pieces to reenergize your winter wardrobe! 

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p.s. Packing inspiration for your upcoming holiday travel!