On Practicing Gratitude

'Tis the season for thanks and giving! Wellness Editor Brooke Klauer shares a few moments she is grateful for in effort to inspire you to do the same.
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Image Credit: Veda House

In an effort to remember what this time of year really is about, our Wellness Editor Brooke Klauer gives us a glimpse into a few small moments she chose to practice gratitude—reminding us that gratitude may take many forms in our everyday life, and it's only up to us to realize them. 

David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar, believes happiness is born from gratitude. Every moment presents itself as a gift, he says, given to us to be grateful. And these moments, these opportunities are ample; we just need to stop and realize them. Because then we'll be happy.

But discovering gratitude in daily mundane moments takes practice, and I do believe gratitude is meant to be practiced daily. Who are we to not thank God, the Universe, Fate, ourselves, or any other Powers-that-Be for what they bestow?

I’ve learned if you want to be grateful, you need to feel grateful. So consider this a celebration of the beauty in the every day, even those moments when we say, “Why? Why me!”

I share with you a few opportunities to be grateful from my life (in the spirit of Leah Dieterich and her thxthxthx project). Maybe you have a few of your own? I hope so.

Dear Crying Crying Crying Baby,
Hello, 3 a.m. in the nursery rocking chair—good to see you again. I welcome the snuggles, sweet girl, as this bleary-eyed mama needed reassurance that you still need me as much as I need you.

Let’s do it again soon.

Dear Cough-that-just-won’t-quit,
I am thankful for you as you remind me I have air in my lungs. (Except when it’s a nasty bout, then I can barely breathe. Let’s keep those few and far between, shall we?) Though I will be equally as grateful for when you are not gracing me with your presence, and let that be soon, amen.


Dear Empty Formal Living Room,
Your gift is simplicity: white walls, wood floors and whatever random toys find their way into your quarters. I am sorry for all the times I walked into your space yelling, “Why can’t I fill you up already!” for now I know you are helping me see all that I do have. (And you are also a fun hockey arena for my four-year-old.)

Cheers to your echo,

Dear Shatter-crack in My Windshield,
Thank you for the reminder that I am safe and sound underneath your protection. I hope to have you fixed soon, though; I don’t need your reminder every day.


Dear Clocks That Are Still An Hour Off,
You make me grateful for the time I do have, none of which I can find to take you off the wall and catch you up with the rest of our time zone. Apologies. But when I glance your way, and then realize what time it actually is, you make me feel like I’ve gained your precious commodity.

Thanks, eternally.

Dear Perfectly Curated Instagram Feed,
Your beauty is addictive and I thank you for reminding me that my messy, frazzled life is to be lived, not styled.

Cheers to the every day,

Dear Travel Weary Family,
For every squabble, misunderstanding and behind-the-back-eye-roll, may we find joy in the great effort to bring us together to give thanks. For each of you, and for all that you are, my greatest and best blessing.


So during this season and beyond, may we all discover and realize the silver linings as they unfold in our lives. Good vibes, grateful moments and happy Thanksgiving to you! 

p.s. How to find the time to be grateful.