For The Love of Beautiful Food

Food & Drink Editor Maggie Pate takes us on a tour of the NYC Wine & Food Festival and discusses the importance of art in our everyday lives.
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Photography: Maggie Pate

Photography: Maggie Pate

Art comes to fruition in an array of forms. Our traditional concept of art - paintings and sculptures - are glorified in established spaces in grand museums and galleries. But we've now reached an era where art stretches beyond what is hanging on walls or sitting on a pedestal, these days we've broadened our definition of art as it seeps into the consumable world. Quite frankly, I couldn't be happier about it. It excites me that a cup of coffee can be glorified, that the plating of a dish is analyzed, and that the design of a car is considered sculptural. We as people are recognizing the value of artfully made goods and services - so much that it is now the expectation instead of the exception. I witnessed this firsthand at the New York City Wine & Food Festival, where I had the pleasure of attending as a guest of Buick. As I quickly learned, there is no better place to experience art and food in all forms than in New York City.


These days we've broadened our definition of art as it seeps into the consumable world, and this was certainly on display at the festival. What I saw excited me—that the plating of a dish is artful in its presentation, or that the design of a car can be considered sculptural. I believe that we are drifting away from the mundane, that we recognize the value of artfully made goods and services.

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The Grand Tasting proved to be quite the intersection of food and art—an explosion of artful dishes and saturated colors. Many of the booths were not related, but they seemed to be connected in their love of creating beautiful food. Small dishes radiated in hues of red and green (and I kept thinking these hues would make a luxurious and lovely combination in a Buick!). The chefs had certainly mastered their art, seeking unique ingredients—a few of the dishes I sampled used oxtail (new to me!). Another theme was a reinvention of classic snack foods, like a transformed game day favorite: buffalo chicken meatballs nestled on a bed of celery salad. The plated dishes truly reflected art with paintbrush swipes of sauces and pureed dollop. Artichoke and edible flowers were also favorites!


With a full stomach and a heavy heart, I said goodbye to New York and all the beautiful food and art it offered during my stay. But not before I took in the Museum of Modern Art to view works by the masters, those who risked their trade and reputation to propel art in new directions. Perhaps it is because of Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol that we can now marry art with food in culinary endeavors or with engineering in car designs. For that I am thankful, and am also grateful to Buick for this weekend filled with unique craftsmanship.

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