Editor's Letter: November 2015

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Image Credit: Purely Elizabeth

Image Credit: Purely Elizabeth

Procrastination has been rearing its head in my life as of late. A little last minute lunch making here for my kindergartner, which leads to frenzied getting out the door there and of course, many a late night work session scrambling to accomplish what I have put off for weeks…case in point: my November Editor’s Letter.

It is not intentional avoidance, nor is it that I do not enjoy the task at hand (except for getting out the door, that is a work in progress!), but often life takes hold and before I know it, I feel like I am no longer in charge. My time no longer my own— but are we ever really “in charge”? And my time is most definitely my own, but it is also mine alone to manage.

I have a dear friend who is an impeccable hostess. She greets you with a warm hug and a beverage, her table set beautifully, her (delicious) meals prepped to the point where she can still enjoy your company without being distracted or overwhelmed by the remaining tasks to complete. It is no small feat, seeing that she is a working momma of two. And though her attention to detail is like no other, what amazes me most is her ability to be present through it all—she is a wonderful human, but she is also a master of managing her time.

This month to avoid the pitfalls of procrastination and to usher in a holiday season of presence and health, we have enlisted the help of Elizabeth Stein, the multitalented founder of Purely Elizabeth and author of Eating Purely. She will be sharing simple, delicious Thanksgiving recipes with untraditional twists along with easy hosting tips we can all employ (for the sake of saving time and the love of being present)—all are sure to wow your guests or your hosts!

We also have suggestions for finding the time (when you feel as if you don’t have any) and being gracious houseguests - plus home tours, ideas for how to wear the latest fall trends and holiday card inspiration. There is a lot to cover in November, but all posts are here to help you prioritize what matters most in your life.

Because the end of the day, what I am most grateful for is the time I have been given—even the mismanaged moments bring unexpected gifts. This November I want to honor and protect my time for what matters most: family, friends and inspired conversations around the holiday table. 


Amanda Carter Gomes