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A few of our favorite links from around the web this week.
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Image credit: Emily Henderson

Image credit: Emily Henderson

Happy November, Clementines! It's practically holiday season, and we are choosing to embrace and enjoy it. As always, a few conversations from around the web we found particularly noteworthy—happy reading and happy weekend!

Author Elizabeth Gilbert on how to deal with criticism: "It is MY own job to stay honest as an artist; it is not the job of the critic to keep me honest."

3 steps for styling your bookshelves with what you already have, beautifully.

Jenna Lyons and the skirt that changed her life: “And to this day, I often feel like I'm on the outside. But what I realized along the way was that a lot of the really smart, interesting, talented, compassionate, and equally dysfunctional people sit out here with me.”

On Lady Gaga and living a life with passion.

"But in the absence of women, where is, at least, the acknowledgment of the problem? Where is the editorial voice that says, 'We have an issue here?' That should be part of this story.”

Why embracing the single life (while it lasts) is worth it, and what you can learn from it.

9 clever party planning secrets to steal from caterers.

A homemade remedy to fight off sickness this season.

p.s. How we are taking care of ourselves these days.