Try This: Smudge Your Space

Feeling stagnate? Cleanse your space and create positive energy with our favorite sage-infused products.
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Clearing space and negative energy is all about creating organization and calm, and letting go of old emotional baggage. One way to clear your space is to use sage. Smudging (burning dried sage) in your home or office, or even your body with sage is like taking an energetic shower, or doing a deep metaphysical cleansing.

The scent from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response. If burning the plant is not your speed, there are plenty of products on the market that offer the same benefits without the smolder. Here are a few of our favorite options for cleansing your aura and filling your space:

  • Generously mist FIG+YARROW’s Juniper+Sage Atmosphere Mist throughout air, on linens, rugs or drapery to create an uplifting atmosphere. This fresh, woody, balsamic blend is great for mood calming, air purification and energetic clearing of spaces To Buy: ($24).
  • The ultimate way to clear your mind, LITE+CYCLE’s Sage Candle releases stagnate energy and inspires newness. This sage essential oil is derived from plants that are cultivated in Spain without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Extracted using steam distillation, for pure and healthy aromatherapy To Buy: ($45).
  • Sage has a long traditional use for coating and soothing mucus membranes. As an astringent and aromatic, it helps dry out secretions and tone the tissues it comes in contact with. Urban Moonshine’s Herbal Throat Spray is a unique and pleasant formula designed to soothe and numb. The herbs used support a healthy, relaxed throat and also provide a refreshing, gentle tingle. To Buy: ($13)
  • If you prefer the traditional method, Juniper Ridge’s White Sage Smudge evokes beautiful leaf clusters and enormous flowering stalks burst in the spring, painting streaks of white against the rusty green hillsides. This ancient incense is sustainably harvested. Light, burn, and allow smudge to smolder To Buy: ($11). 

p.s. Don't forget, shifting your energy is also a great way to clear the air