Travel Lessons: Living With Less

Jennifer Snyder shares simplicity lessons gained from life on the road.
Photography: Jennifer Snyder

Photography: Jennifer Snyder

Here at Clementine Daily we’re all about the adventures in life. Whether you’re trying a new restaurant in your neighborhood, jetting off to another country or setting off on a lengthy road trip, we believe in the powerful lessons waiting around the next bend.

Having just returned from an adventure, myself, I knew that I’d need time to process the many, many lessons I had learned. Six weeks on the road driving 8700+ miles by yourself has a way of making you think and feel and then think some more, if you catch my drift.

However, the one fact that looked me square in a face upon returning home is that I could live with so much less. It’s not a lesson we’re unfamiliar with around here. We often pare down only to find our homes slowly buried under clutter again a few months down the road. Yet, for me, this realization feels different.


Here’s the thing: I packed two suitcases (and a backpack and a laptop/camera/podcasting gear bag) for my six-week solo road trip that would take me from California, to the Midwest, to the East Coast, to the South, to the Southwest and home again. One suitcase was of the carry-on variety—a “satellite” suitcase, if you will—and one giant suitcase was filled with everything else I might possibly need from my closet.

And guess what happened? I really only lived out of the carry-on and washed the same five or six mixed and matched outfits throughout the entire trip. I traveled through every type of summer/fall climate and weather system our great country had to offer and I really, truly only needed a few things to wear. The rest of the clothing stayed comfortably in the trunk of my car, never seeing the light of day.

Now, as you can imagine, I returned home wondering why in the world I had even kept so many things in my closet. Did I really need seven dresses when I always picked my favorite to wear, no matter the occasion? And why do I still have so many pairs of slacks after leaving my traditional office job five years ago? Do they even fit? (Spoiler alert: they do not.)

GladtoGive4_sm (1).jpg

So this weekend, with the help of Glad’s Glad to Give campaign, I made some changes. I didn’t pare things down to my super simple road trip wardrobe, but I did take every item out of the closet to decide what I need and create a pile that could find a new life in a new home. Because what good is a beautiful item of clothing if it lives in the closet most of the time, right?

If you’re interested in paring down this fall and giving your gently loved goods a second chance at an adventure beyond the closet doors, Glad can help. You don’t even need to travel thousands of miles across the country to do it! Simply visit to schedule a free donation pickup by the charity of your choice. 

Here’s to giving more and living with less, friends. No road trip required.

This post is in partnership with Glad as part of the Glad To Give campaign—a program we support and love! Thank you for supporting thbrands (and causes) that make Clementine Daily possible!