Our One-Step Beauty Routine For Morning, Noon and Night

Looking for a way to simplify your beauty regime? Amanda Carter Gomes is sharing the one product she uses on her skin, lips and hair...all day long.
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La Mer Night

Photography: Matthew Gomes

When I was in my twenties my skincare regime was simple and almost non-existent: I was a wash, maybe moisturize, always-sunscreen-and-go type of girl. But when I arrived in my thirties, my priorities changed...and so did my skin. What did not change, however, was the amount of time I wanted to invest in a daily routine. The ease and simplicity of the brief time spent in front of my mirror, well, that to me was a luxury.

Now firmly in my thirties, I have learned a few things about both myself and my skincare regime: 

1. Luxury is relative and very subjective. What is indulgent to one is a necessity for another, and vice versa.

2. We are always, always deserving of luxury. Maybe it is not feasible today, maybe it takes planning, budgeting or simply going to bed earlier to get some much-needed sleep—but whatever it is, don't let yourself get in the way of what brings you joy. 

3. If you find a face oil that works for you morning, noon and night—invest in that product (heck, buy stock in it if possible). In the long run you will save yourself the time, money and energy you would have otherwise spent experimenting. 

 My life and my skincare routine have both benefited from these lessons. I still have the same version of my fairly simple skincare routine, with a slight twist. Now I am a more thoughtful version of my earlier self: a wash, always-moisturize-and-apply-sunscreen type of girl. And finding a product that works double (and triple!) duty? Yes, please. So I maintain simplicity by referring to La Mer Renewal Oil for all matters of dryness and balance:

La Mer morning

A few gentle shakes to activate the Miracle Broth, then 3 drops first thing in the morning to replenish from the night (or in my case with littles, the often sleepless night).  

La Mer Noon

Keep on hand throughout the day for chapped lips and the ever-present dry skin -hands, elbows, you-name-it, a drop or two will work wonders! 

La Mer Hair

 One drop on my way out the door to tame fly-aways before a rare night out, and three drops after washing before bed (always the last thing I put on my face - I am a sucker for anything that works the night shift!). 

Wake, wash, repeat! 

I'd love to know, do you have a favorite beauty product that you swear by?

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