5 Cozy Throws To Keep You Warm This Fall

Ready for the cold nights to come? We have got you covered (no pun intended) with a round-up of our favorite throws for the season!
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As sad as we are to see summer go, there are a few things about the cold-weather season that we’re looking forward to. Warming homemade pizza for one, and snuggling up on the couch to a movie or great new series for another. Regardless, one thing’s for sure – all of that snuggling requires a good throw (or a few) to help keep you warm through the night. 

To get you ready for the chill, we’ve put together a list of the best blankets we could find. These fall throws assure that you’ll be kept warm and cozy and season long!


Sometimes a light throw will do the trick just fine. We love this option for its lightweight wool fabric which appeals perfectly to our early fall sensibilities. The subtle stripes and braided tassels don’t hurt, either. To buy: Tiburon Throw Blanket ($79.99)


Looking for something a little more luxe? The Alpaca throw is your answer. Hand woven on wood looms in Ecuador using virgin wool from Peruvian Alpaca fibers, this truly special throw is lightweight, but still extremely warm - added bonus: it also serves as a great conversation piece! Handmade, for the win. To buy: Vanilla Bean Alpaca Throw ($115)


This graphic aztec print and tassels are versatile enough to elevate the aesthetics of any room; and the soft, medium weight fabric makes it the ideal cover for any season. To Buy: Dwell Studio Henri Ink Throw ($109)


Who can argue with a little bit of fleece or sherpa? We certainly can’t - especially when we think ahead to months like January and February, and the never-ending frostiness they bring. This classic fleece and sherpa blanket is both warm and rugged, making it a good fit for your whole crew. Throw it on your couch, in your car, take it out camping, or wherever the cool weather may bring you. This blanket was made for it all. To buy: Sherpa Printed Throw ($21)


Only wool will do for the coldest of winter nights. We’re fans of the multicolor plaid throw from American heritage brand Faribault Wollen Mill Co. Made of 100% pure merino wool, this blanket will keep you feeling toasty all season long. To buy: Plaid Wool Throw ($190) 

p.s. Prepping your home for fall? Look no further !