Fall Floral DIY

Create a gorgeous seasonal arrangement in four simple steps.
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Photography and Floral Design by Jeni Nelson

Photography and Floral Design by Jeni Nelson

There’s a chill in the air, Clementines.

Fall is upon us, which means we’re all about to spend a lot more time indoors. With that in mind, it may be time to consider freshening up your indoor space with the help of a floral bouquet. Fall bouquets offer an opportunity to get creative with rich, autumnal colors and experiment with flora you may not have used in the past. And don’t worry if you lack a green thumb – building the perfect fall bouquet isn’t as hard as you might think.

  • To start, think about your base. If you want a full bouquet, consider choosing some in-season greens to act as a layer for your flowers. This will help to provide fullness, depth, and extra texture. (And if you’re looking for a simpler bouquet, consider stopping here. A room full of vased greens feels simple and pulled together in the very best way.)
  • Building a bouquet is just as much about color as it is flower type. For an interesting, no-fail bouquet, choose various types of flowers in one single shade. This simple trick helps to assure that you’ll end up with a beautifu bouquet with a modern feel, even if you get carried away.
  • As a top layer, think about incorporating season-appropriate foliage. Twigs, sticks, berries, and the like will add interest and a desirable` difference in texture to your almost-done bouquet.
  • The final step of choosing an appropriate water vessel is also the most fun. We won’t lie – there’s not too much science behind this. Just made sure you choose a vase, mason jar, or other vessel that supports the stems of your flowers but leaves room for them to stand on their own – no shoving in the stems or packing them too tightly. Trim the stems diagonally and peel off any lower leaves before placing them in the water. Et voila!

And if you’re going the buying route (no judgement – we’ve all been there), do yourself, your community, and your home decor a favor and shop at a florist that sources their flowers locally. This may be more rare than you think – 80% of cut flowers found in florists boutiques are imported. And the best part – by supporting a florist that sources flowers locally, you're guaranteeing  a bouquet that will be season appropriate.

p.s. The seasonal blooms featured in this arrangement are: Amaranth, Peony Foliage, Magnolia Foliage, Weigela, Nandina, Strawflower, Dahlias, Chocolate Lace and Garden Roses. Many thanks to Jeni Nelson for the stunning bouquet and images!