What We're Streaming This Fall

Clementine Daily brings you a list of the what we'll be streaming on Netflix this fall.
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Autumn’s arrival seems to come with a multitude of emotions. There is more than likely some sadness at the loss of summer’s long days filled with street fairs, outdoor markets, and dips into the water. But in the wake of this passing, we find a renewed motivation to come at our tasks and challenges with great gusto. Here are some titles that we’ll be streaming this fall inspired by the feelings that come with leaves yellowing and storing beach sandals in tucked-away bins. All titles available on NETFLIX.


To Keep Summer Going: Wet Hot American Summer (2001) + Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (2015). What better way to reminisce about the experiences of summer than to watch a star-studded cast in their thirties and forties (Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, etc.) play a bunch of sixteen-year-olds in a kitschy camp parody? This 2001 film, and its recently released online series, are bookends to a wonderfully haphazard story that creates comical situations out of purposeful production flaws but still manages to make you feel invested in the characters. Come for the promise of an awkward camp talent show, stay for Paul Rudd in double denim.


To Unwind: Roman Holiday (1953). All we need is the image of Audrey Hepburn speeding around with Gregory Peck on a motorcycle to give us that warm and relaxing sensation that should come after a hard day of work. This is the kind of classic film that we can see again and again but continues to keep us enthralled until the end. Pair with a fleece blanket for best results.

the one i love

To Keep You Thinking: The One I Love (2014). After watching Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass painstakingly attempt to mend their torn relationship, you’ll want to talk about their dynamic and the ending for many days to come. Although the plot itself is quite whimsical and vaguely supernatural, the film manages to resonate with us on a deeply emotional level, making it one that must be talked through (preferably with some herbal tea to balance it out).

freaks and geeks

freaks and geeks

High School Double Feature (bonus): Freaks and Geeks (1999) + Friday Night Lights (2006), Season 1. Although we haven’t experienced it for years, fall’s arrival also means the beginning of another school year, and these two shows manage to encapsulate the best, worst, and most realistic moments of the high school experience. The grittier moments that come with the all-too-relatable experiences of the Weir siblings balances out the high intensity sports drama that takes place in a small Texas town, resulting in a viewing season that will satisfy the multi-faceted teenager in us all.

portlandia season 5

portlandia season 5

To Grab Your Attention Five Minutes at a Time: Portlandia (2015), Season 5. Trading in our favorite straw hat for the cooler temperatures of the Pacific Northwest isn't such a bad thing when you've got Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein to show you around. This short sketch-based show is the perfect show for those busy fall days when you've got a few minutes here and there to take your mind off the task at hand and have a little giggle. What we're most excited for: the return of Toni and Candace.

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