Try This: Natural Brows

Why fight your shape? Beauty Editor Laurie Leopold shares tips for maintaining our brows, naturally.
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Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

Sisters not twins. Window frames to the soul. Currently on fleek. All identifying phrases associated with eyebrows. They are a defining feature of our face and uniquely our own, which is always puzzling when you consider brows are subject to trends, like a fashion accessory. As a rule, we tend to say no to fads and instead favor our natural shape. Yet, we recognize that even figuring out how to do that can be overwhelming. With hundreds of fillers, wax, stencils and pencils out there, how are you to figure out what’s best for you? We’re going back to basics with the Clementine guide to brow maintenance. Spoiler alert: there are only a few things you need to know!

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Embrace Your Shape: Whether your brow is curved, straight, angled, thin or thick, it’s important to accept your natural shape. Learn to love those reluctant strays, cowlicks and growth patterns that are all your own. It’s much easier to work with what you’ve got then try to create something that will never look like it fits you.

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Groom with Caution: Waxing or threading are both excellent options as long as you have a discussion with your aesthetician before the process is underway. Growing them back out is not guaranteed – sometimes the hair does not come back! If you maintain own your own, make sure you are careful not to over-tweeze. Avoid magnified mirrors and a perfectionist mentality. Also, use scissors to trim long hairs versus removing them entirely. To Buy: TWEEZERMAN SLANT TWEEZER ($18)

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Fill for Fullness: To accentuate the natural shape of your brows and round out any sparseness, fill them in. This is one step in your makeup that can have a huge impact! For the most natural application, brush them up with a spoolie to see where they’re uneven and apply tiny brush strokes upwards to mimic the appearance of hair. Start toward the nose, at the fullest point of your brows and spread up and out.

Use the medium you are most comfortable with – we’re partial to cream, like RMS Beauty Eye Polish. It’s technically an eye shadow but we like it even better on our brows. Despite their slightly metallic finish, they give a really natural full look. Brows are not flat on our face so a matte finish can actually come across as more artificial. As for how to apply, we’ve had the same double-ended Anastasia brush for almost a decade! It’s foolproof; give it a go! To Buy: RMS BEAUTY EYE POLISH ($28)

p.s. Try this easy peasy smudging trick for more eye-popping impact!