4 Quick and Healthy Snacks We love

To help you make it through the busy fall season, we’ve put together a list of four of our favorite snacks that are delicious, nutritious, and assured to sweeten your everyday.
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Image Credit: Robin Reetz

Image Credit: Robin Reetz

Try as we might to prepare delicious, healthy snacks for on-the-go eating, it doesn’t always happen as much as we’d like. Now that we’re in September and vacation mode is officially off, we’re constantly on the hunt for options that are quick, easy, and packed with delicious and healthful whole ingredients. We believe in savoring the everyday, small pleasures and sweeter moments – afternoon snacks not excluded!


Nuts and seeds: Shake up your unsalted nut snack routine with something a little different. We’re big fans of dry, high-protein snacks that can be thrown in a bag and forgotten about like dried edamame and pumpkin seeds – especially when they’re spiced to perfection. To try: SPICY LEMON ZEST CRISPY CHICKPEAS ($10.99 for 3-2 oz. packs)

Homemade almond butter protein bites: Protein bites are a must-try snack for veggies and meat eaters alike. Packed with protein and healthful, whole ingredients like rolled oats and coconut, these completely delicious bites are easy to make, last for a week, and are guaranteed to keep you full between meals. To try: NO BAKE FLAX ENERGY BITES


Dried fruit: The fiber and iron found in raisins and other dried fruits makes them a healthy snacking choice that’s easy to take along for the ride. A word of warning: Many pre-packaged bags of dried fruit contain added sugars, so be sure to give the ingredient list a read before making a purchase to avoid excess sugar intake. To try: ORGANIC DRIED SOUR CHERRIES ($18.99 for 1lb. bag)


The modern granola bar: The snack department has certainly gotten an upgrade since the days of NutriGrain. It’s now easy to find delicious and downright interesting granola bars and pre-made snacks that are packed with important vitamins and minerals, and free from long, mysterious ingredient lists. Give the modern granola bar a try for your next on-the-go snack – you won’t believe what you’ve been missing. To try: STRAWBERRY ROSE GERANIUM BAR ($6 each)

p.s. While we are talking snacks, don't forget one of our all-time savory favorites: herb popcorn