My Favorite Clementine Posts: Stella Blackmon

Today Social Media Manager Stella Blackmon is sharing her two favorite posts from the site to commemorate the second birthday of Clementine Daily.


Image Credit: Lindsay Brown

In honor of Clementine's second birthday, Social Media Manager Stella Blackmon reveals the two Clementine posts she references again and again.

  1. Jennifer's "5 Sayings to Keep You Grounded" couldn't have come at a better time. The mantras were simple, but incredibly refreshing and empowering. It made me grateful to work for a site that understood and truly appreciated today’s multi-faceted, modern woman. I saved the slide "We don’t have to do it all" to my desktop to remind myself it's okay to ask for help or just say no.

  2. Anne Sage's "On Living Alone" read like a letter from a dear friend. Her honest and gentle tone was comforting and empowering. I often think about this letter during different moments of my life. From actually living alone to approaching new career opportunities, it reminds me to celebrate my inner strength.

p.s. Did you read Clementine founder Erin Loechner's favorite post from the site?